Sand epoxy floor paint coating is colored quartz sand and epoxy resin composition of the seamless integration of new composite decorative floor, by one or more different colors of colored quartz sand free with the formation of a variety of decorative colors and patterns, decorative texture and elegant, wear-resistant, anti-stress, anti-chemical corrosion, non-slip, fire, water and so on. This class not only for floor coatings for industrial floors, also applies to commercial and civil ground in recent years, very popular in Europe and other developed countries, known as "sand seamless hard carpet" (colour sand seamlesshard carpet).

    Sand epoxy floor coatings and self-leveling epoxy floor paint coating, Triphenyl Bismuth are part of the epoxy resin-based flooring material. However, both the construction process of floor coatings are different. Sand floor coatings for the wet solid construction, needs sanding and smoothing machine for compaction control leveling, self-leveling floor coatings for the construction of liquid, just level with a rake or steamed bread Knife can. Sand epoxy floor coatings decorative effect better than the self-leveling epoxy floor coatings.

    (1) The performance characteristics of sand using solvent-free epoxy floor coatings transparent epoxy resin, Copper Chromite (CC)  doped powder filler or pigment, epoxy resin in order to maintain excellent chemical and physical properties; and granular quartz sand color, not only give the floor a beautiful decorative performance, and protect the floor of a high compressive strength and high wear resistance, the coating has the following characteristics:
rich colors, texture, full, full of contemporary decor; seamless whole ground, but also According to need to produce patterns, and integration with the ground, elegant luxury; rounded quartz sand, with anti-scratch, anti-stress, shock and other excellent performance; high strength, hardness, excellent wear resistance; clean and dust-proof, water-tightness of its surface can withstand high pressure wash or steam clean, easy to clean and maintain; outstanding features and excellent water-resistant non-slip, waterproof, acid and other chemical properties; longer life; non-radioactive pollution, no harmful gas emissions.

    (2) Scope of sand epoxy floor coatings decorative features and functions are better than using self-leveling epoxy floor paint, 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid so its wider range of applications, in addition to the industrial plant, warehouse outside of the application to aerodromes This coating is more suitable for application on commercial and civil construction.

has a high demand on the ground, such as cleaning, fire, Octylferrocene water and other requirements of high medical and pharmaceutical and food processing factory warehouse; a wear-resistant, anti-stress and cleaning requirements of the processing and manufacturing industries and large supermarket warehouse or storage; the chemical resistance requirements of the fine chemicals suppliers workshop and warehouse, etc.

has the environment elegant, clean and functional requirements such as wear-resistant non-slip public places, such as the House Church hall, exhibition hall, supermarket, commercial buildings, and other advanced entertainment and sports venues.

with high purity requirements of the workplace, such as hospitals, office buildings, offices and office building, etc.