Maybe cosmetics formula is a little crude is difficult to understand, but with the progress of The Times and the modern people pay attention to the external appearance, maintain article all the existence of life, you need to know more. With joy agitation, many maintenance brand began to advocate don't add preservatives, preservatives may be modern civilization the causes of disease, also may be let us protect skin the secret weapon, exactly?

1. The antiseptic function

The main outside except anticorrosive preservatives also contain antibacterial composition, maintenance product contains many nourishment composition, in order to don't let these nutrients produce bacterial, cause maintain article metamorphic corruption, astaxanthin maintain article in add preservatives, inhibiting bacterial growth and formation, avoid to produce metamorphic phenomenon and cosmetics to maintain freshness and persistance.

2. Maintain article hides of preservatives? What are those? How to see?

The type of preservatives widely, divided into chemical preservatives, safety non-toxic preservatives and organic preservative, the most common is most often discuss to the chemical preservatives is benzoic acid ester cancer.

So as to dermatologist, preservatives just easier to cause skin allergy situation just. In fact, benzoic acid, low, biotin antibacterial irritating price cheap, so widely used in maintain article as an antiseptic, but now many of the cosmetics to avoid benzoic acid ester (Parabens) subject to join the benzoic acid derivatives, actually this on the skin is still is not good.

At present many brand to add organic natural plant essence as anticorrosion components, such as: inflammation antibacterial effect, inhibiting bacterial growth, won't cause harm to human body, is also available on the market often see natural preservative.

For general maintenance product easy to deteriorate, it's hard to do not contain preservative, so in order to avoid stimulating skin, glutathione choose goods, allergic constitution suggest choose not to have add preservatives products or natural antiseptic product, generally skin can choose chemical non-toxic, organic and safety preservatives maintain article use.

3. The definition of sterile

No preservatives products, the heaviest if the product itself sterile, not only the content does not add preservatives just, tretinoin all products should be sterile process manufacturing, solvents, bottle packaging must disinfection, after the completion of the transport must be low temperature, or make ChengAn bottles of kaifeng a after use.

There are many brand will extract ingredients to make into a mask, the characteristics of single use, can prevent the air contact cause deterioration problems, and in the process in strict sterilization, can not need to add preservatives.

4. Avoid maintain article metamorphic method

If you want to reduce maintain article metamorphism, it is to be in use process carefully, use milk cream with little scrape always touched take great, after use clean, avoid to use a hand to dig.

In the emulsion extrusion, pressure head don't contact with the body skin, minoxidil or open contact with air too long, buy large capacity of less packaging products, large capacity and will need to rely on a bit more preservatives to maintain product freshness, maintain article best season after using it, an outlet to use, should need a good preservation means, if not tend to deteriorate kept products is likely to cause skin problems.

5. Each is a preservative is bad? Or of the proportion of the problem?

Not necessarily, antiseptic into chemical and no poisonous preservative, now the department of health regulations in maintain article can be added 0.1% or 1% benzoic acid ester (Parabens) composition, so the effective components maintain article is within the approved, API supplier too much or cause harm to human body, but some people may be allergic to preservatives.

Some of DuoZhong maintain article will add the anticorrosion composition, within the prescribed concentration under, Cosmetics material join different proportions of chemical preservatives, safety non-toxic preservatives and organic preservative, scattered single preservatives toxicity, reduce damage to human body. Source: