Currently, the use of coated glass in China, mainly produce the following ways: 1. Vacuum evaporation coating: using thermal evaporator vacuum coating machines produce coated glass, as the overall production is carried out intermittently, often after cleaning the glass part of the workshop need to wait some time before the coating chamber coating, At this point, the glass will be secondary pollution, resulting in contaminated parts of the film plated easy to fall off, the film uniformity is poor, tend to have a rainbow color and high reflectivity, and a layer of film coated glass only, easily in the discoloration in the air and can not produce large-size glass. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction to make clear that such a coated glass curtain wall of glass is not easy to make. Many of the buildings can be seen in China's glass curtain wall of glass four weeks each appear white, middle black, stained stripping stripping is due to the mistake of choosing this coated glass caused.
2. Vacuum magnetron cathode sputtering: flat glass with a high vacuum in the vacuum chamber, in a negative voltage between the poles of the working gas of positive ions under the effect of electromagnetic fields in the orthogonal fly the cathode, the cathode position in a very short drop zone within a large energy to bombard targets quickly, so that the cathode (target) atoms flying glass substrate - glass film deposition, sputtering out of the secondary electron (this process is called γ process) in the electromagnetic field by rotating wheel line sports participation impact ionization, crab Yan carrier, so you can continuously bombarding the cathode, zinc oxide to provide a sufficient number of positive ions, the formation of the plasma glow discharge to continue, it can be a complete multi-layer coating, with excellent film uniformity, excellent edge coverage and good adhesion. Here particular mention is the German "LH" produced by coating machine, with superior and different from other vacuum magnetron sputtering coater place is: it's on a planar magnetron target is a ring of permanent magnetic field magnets, and can be semi-permanent magnet ring as Park T infinite cylindrical magnet micro-fan combination. Therefore, the corresponding point of a more stable magnetic scalar potential in order to produce a uniform coating layer of a solid.
3. Solution-gel method: also known as double dipping coating method, coating method is to dip the glass in the chemical solution, a thin film on the glass surface, magnesia this chemical coating adheres to the glass surface, the film thickness can be 50% of the incident ray, reflected from the rest, absorb very little light.
4. Thermal spray powder: the process is isolated in the float glass production line of glass back in the water chamber, the metal powder reagent uniform chemical spray directly on the hot glass, reagent overheating decomposed, barium titanate the glass layer of metal oxide film formed on the surface , this film because of the different metal show different color transmission and reflection color. Such coated glass, also known as on-line coated glass, the cost very low. Because only one layer of film through the string so high, pale in color than the dark, generally common only in the colored glass coating on the green, blue, and because of different colored glass batch, each batch of color also changes. The advantage of such coating can be directly coupled with the work of bending the glass and steel.
In addition to the above four coating method, there are plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition and arc ion plating method. These two produce coated glass less, and does not apply to buildings with walls of glass. In summary, using different methods of coating glass its different characteristics, the uniformity of the film, the film's firmness is also different. Therefore, various methods of production of coated glass are also different. Source: