A cardboard box, a sign, a craft knife, this film is a roadside phone booth belongings. Such vendors in China's cities almost everywhere, especially in the mobile phone store in front of stores and IT professionals. October 26, Changping District in Beijing a subway booth, asking passers-by nearly 10 film prices, which have four people to buy a mobile phone film. According to the general public the first vendors to provide mobile phone screen size recommended film, and then paste, less than 5 minutes to finish up.
But do not underestimate this small film, it not only can be attached to mobile phones, digital cameras, MP4 and other digital electronic products on the surface. In the background, but also bears a greater industry, which is in the ascendant of the optical film industry. Mobile phone camera is the optical film of the terminal film industry, but also the extension of optical thin film products, it is based on the optical thin film materials, and in the PC (personal computer), mobile phones and liquid crystal displays which,
Zinc oxide applied more widely, it is full of Us all aspects of life, and make our life more colorful.
Optical films, the thin layered media composition, beam propagation through the interface of a class of optical media materials, applications began in the 1930s, is now widely used in optical and optoelectronic technology,
Titanium dioxide manufacturing a variety of optical instruments. Optical thin film applications in everything from optical coating to mobile phones, computers, liquid crystal display television to the LED (light emitting diode) lighting, has become one of the most growth potential of the industry.
There are reports that, TFT-LCD (thin-film field-effect transistor) optical thin-film market in 2012 will reach $ 7.85 billion, forecast 2012 global TFT-LCD (LED) optical film demand to exceed 400 million square meters, polarizing chip demand close to 2.5 million square meters of membrane prisms demand more than 80 million square meters, the demand for membrane diffusion over 150 million square meters; in accordance with the current product prices, the world's 2012 film of the optical output of about $ 7.85 billion.
Optical film in China domestic enterprises will benefit from the rapid rise of the liquid crystal display industry. Since 2009, China entered the large-size LCD (liquid crystal display) panel of the investment peak. Energy production is expected in 2012's LCD production line up to 8, to invest in companies with BOE, Sharp, TCL and so on. With China's rapid panel and the end product development and expansion,
Magnesia the upstream optical films and other supporting industries will usher in the explosive growth opportunities. China is the world's largest largest producer of flat-panel displays, at the same time, domestic decorative materials easy to shape and touch-screen industry's explosive growth, these factors all contributed to the rapid demand for increased optical films, optical thin-film photovoltaic industry chain has become a front-end one of the most important strategic raw materials. Although the optical film industry in the ascendant and is widely favored, but the optical film industry in China is still in its infancy, weak and more dispersed R & D, basic research and for the optical function of the optical thin film design and development has not been given adequate attention. Source:http://www.mhcocm.com