Industrial heat resistant coatings is a very important industrial fine chemical products, its application has been deep into all areas of industrial production, which is the aerospace, furnaces, vehicles, machinery and equipment, weapons and ammunition has been essential one of the materials. With the rapid development of science and technology, increasing levels of industry, the demand for industrial heat resistant coatings and performance requirements will be higher. And in exceptional circumstances for coating heat resistance, chemical resistance and other performance requirements become more demanding, for a large number of research institutes and companies worldwide are constantly developing a high temperature, wide use of new high temperature can improve the industry Coating.
In recent years, high temperature resistant coating has become the fastest growing in the Chinese chemical industry is one of the key industries. It has a wide range of applications, user-friendly, energy-efficient, significantly improve the level of industrial production,
Copper Chromite(CC) and many other features, along with economic development and technological advances, more and more attention has been paid paint, become a great industrial value and prospects the industry. However, the study of industrial heat resistant coatings for ordinary paint about open discovery, research and development for a long time, financial input, demanding higher levels of R & D engineers and knowledge broader, more refined laboratory equipment conditions. Because industrial heat resistant coatings to the subject of more R & D, as materials technology, chemical technology, information technology, biotechnology, energy technology, nanotechnology, environmental technology, space technology, computer technology, marine engineering technology, and modern high-tech The industry of academic disciplines.
China industrial heat resistant coatings now in its infancy stage, coating with excellent energy efficiency of industrial energy cost, also led to a large number of industrial upgrading of industrial technology. However, in addition to industrial heat resistant coatings to meet certain high-temperature requirements, but also must meet the following overall performance: good thermophysical and thermochemical resistance, good workability; at higher temperatures and the use of working conditions, there high bond strength and good mechanical properties and the required period of time to maintain this performance. Industrial heat resistant coatings for high-tech development not only plays an important role in promoting and supporting, but also for China-related transformation and upgrading of traditional industries,
Triphenyl Bismuth to achieve leapfrog development plays an important role. The above, China's industrial research and development of high temperature coatings to be put on the agenda, the pace of industrial R & D level, and better for the Chinese industry has played a good role.
Industrial heat resistant coatings R & D is significant, because the paint can directly or indirectly caused by other products or processes of the technology upgrade, the state will focus on support after such a high-tech enterprises. Industrial heat resistant coatings for the promotion of energy saving industrial transformation and upgrading of great significance, not only help enterprises to improve quality and efficiency,
fine chemicals suppliers but also help guide the scientific development of Chinese industry. Promote energy conservation are important in industry, comprehensive utilization of resources, clean production, cyclical economy, etc. Source: