Speaking of the origin of the coating may be a lot of people are at a loss, because in the long long ago, discovered ancient human use of paint in the shadow of life, from Stone Age cave paintings to people in all aspects of daily life, to paint with a thousand years of human life. On the up, China is also one of the earliest development of coatings, as early as the Shang dynasty, people started to extract from the natural wild lacquer lacquer, made for decorative appliances and buildings. Spring and Autumn Period, tung oil refining system because of the mastery of paint technology, pioneered the use of additives in paint technology, while promoting the paint industry has entered a new era. In fact, as long as you in-depth industry know, the predecessor of water-based paint is paint, paint early mostly vegetable oil as the main raw material, it was called "paint", such as environmental health of the original ecology of cooked tung oil. Whether traditional, natural material as raw material, paint products, or the modern development of synthetic chemical products, paint products as raw materials, polymer materials are all organic chemicals, polymers are formed by coating type.
Passage in accordance with the modern classification of chemical products, paints are fine chemical products. Modern paint is gradually becoming a kind of versatility of engineering materials, chemical industry is an important industry. Exterior paint application rate of 10% of the market is difficult, but also the exterior paint industry development opportunities, especially for water-based exterior paint is concerned. In recent years, we can see that Chinese people continue to strengthen the concept of environmental protection, more attention to water-based exterior paint, and water-based exterior paint also live up to expectations, octylferrocene in terms of decoration, brushing effects, color durability, weather resistance outside traditional characteristics of the wall paint to achieve rapid development, environmental performance is also made significant progress. To Ferris exterior paint, for example, the series has passed the ISO14001 environment management system certification and China's environmental labeling, is the real double green products. Of the people and the environment will not cause any harm.
Efficient energy saving, environmental protection features, making the promotion of water-based wall paint to get government support. In the Ministry of Construction "on the production and application of architectural coatings to enhance the management of the opinion" expressly provides that: fine chemicals suppliers to progressively restrict the use of energy consumption, pollution and poor security environment of the wall decoration materials, high-performance exterior paint priority. Advocate in the residential, industrial buildings, public buildings and structures such as the application of architectural coatings renovation works to develop behind the products, promote the use of high performance architectural coatings environmentally friendly policies and measures.
Water-based paint in China after 10 years of difficult history, development prospects is very impressive. According to industry sources, water-based coatings is the acknowledged world paint interior decoration and furniture, Lead Citrate decorative wood coatings direction of development in the industry because of his environmental cost is more popular. Compared with solvent-based coatings in saving resources and protecting the environment has incomparable superiority. According to the data show that in 2008 China's water-based paint production reached 194 million tons in 2009 to reach 2.61 million tons annual output, an increase of 34.5%, and with Chinese architecture, industrial development and growth, water-based paint applications will also be more extensive, With the "low carbon" concept continues to advance and deepen the development, relative to solvent-based paint coating advantages of the water industry and its prospects are very impressive. Source:http://www.mhcfm.com