Fine Chemicals is the world's chemical industry development strategy priorities. As closely related to energy, information, bio-chemical and materials science, the development of fine chemicals related to the overall operation of the national economy. Therefore, fine chemicals in China's modernization will become increasingly important role.
Data show that as of June 2011, in the past six months, the Chinese director of marketing fine chemicals company recruiting the number of jobs increase of 45.5%; technical director jobs growth in the number of companies recruiting over half, 55.4%; technical manager of business needs increase in the number of only 25.4%; production operator demand growth in the number of enterprises tripled, to 322.5%.
As the field of fine chemicals and high-end jobs, director of marketing and technical director of business needs in half the number of years, were significantly increased, but because of the level of talent pool is small, this data is sufficient to show that the large gap in demand for the industry. Production operator in the field of fine chemicals for production line workers in these six months, Copper Chromite(CC) production operatives amazing large enough to demand the same, production engineers, safety engineers, quality engineers and other high-end line in the demand for talent within six months a substantial increase in the number.
As a middle-level personnel in technical manager positions changing needs of nearly half of the year steady, with only a small range of industry growth. In recent years, supported by national policy and the impact of market demand-oriented, fine chemical industry's extraordinarily rapid development. High-end jobs are mainly technology-based R & D personnel, technological innovation, the development of fine chemicals play a crucial role. As a branch of technology, many fine chemicals, including many popular technologies, this part of the personnel of the scope of employment is small, so the flow of talent is small, and as fine chemicals business continues to expand, once enterprises have talent gap, difficult to recruit to the ideal of human resources.
Second and third tier cities in the rapid development in recent years, the economic gap between cities, while many local governments to implement economic subsidies of talent, retain many original grassroots talent to front-line work. First-tier cities cost of living coupled with the high prices, Musk R-1 but also to many concentrated in the cities of the enterprise-level brain drain seriously. And because the industry makes the grass-roots demand for talent increases, which would lead to further expansion of grass-roots talent gap.
Over the past decade, China attaches great importance to the development of fine chemicals, fine chemicals to the chemical industry as one of the key strategic development plan included a number of countries, policies and funding from key support and great efforts to build fine chemical park, expand the industrial scale, to promote industrial development. With the rapid development of economic globalization, China's strong demand for space was all good, many world famous multinational corporations have come to China to invest in fine chemical industries. But in the fine chemical industry is a strong impetus, but also launched a war for talent.
Strained human resources field of fine chemicals, another major factor is that foreign presence, resulting in talent and domestic enterprises in the competition. Foreign ideas and benefits due to employment and other reasons, in the talent competition on the advantages, which makes some of the already popular domestic enterprises of technical posts in the recruitment worse.
The contribution of fine chemicals has been extended to all areas of the national economy, from the basic needs of the people to the national well-being are all closely linked with the fine chemical, and related to the development of fine chemical industry talent shortage situation was difficult in the short term relief. However, we are confident that foresee, it will eventually solve the shortage of talent, and will not become the bottleneck of China fine chemical industry. With fine chemical industry, technology self-innovation capability and raise energy levels, China will become the world's production of fine chemicals and consuming countries, a greater surprise to the world. Source: