At present, Chinese plant extracts manufactures have the capability in technology development and innovation. The main features are the high planting level, skilled operation of extraction and separation unit, flexible use and rational combination of various technologies and the strong technology development capabilities. They have strong production capacities from the ordinary pharmaceutical raw materials plant extract to active ingredients of natural plant extract. They can have extract production or research in molecular distillation technology, mold separation technology, macroporous resin adsorption technology, industrial chromatography and carbon dioxide supercritical extraction technology. Chinese plant extracts suppliers can control hazardous limited chemicals by reasonable means and technology. At the same time, the detection and analysis level of extract industry has reached the level required by international market, both in equipment and analytical techniques.

Extensive use of fresh herbs as extracts raw materials is a useful complement to traditional Chinese medicine, it should be an important scientific research of the extract of Chinese medicine industry. Chinese herbal medicines in the acquisition, preservation methods or storage conditions meet the requirements, the most likely to lead to the destruction of the active ingredients of herbs, reduce the value of the use of herbs. Echinacea have picked, dried way to dry, contained the polyphenol oxidase can not be quickly destroyed, which contained the acid of the active ingredient chicory and other coffee acids polyphenol substance content decreased rapidly lead to medicine Use the decline in value. The solution is to use fresh herbs as the extraction of raw materials extraction operation, not only the active ingredient content of the product obtained is greatly improved, and extract color, odor and other physical characteristics are significantly improved. The application of fresh herbs is a developed, modern extraction technology and equipment capabilities allow large scale production, extract industry, industry, science and technology characteristics, and need to attract more attention and further study.

Currently, plant extract manufacturer has the ability to study on the detection method. The ability development is also formed the basis of extracts established industry standards. At present, the extract of enterprises in China can study through the ability systematic approach to the analysis of test methods, the ability to ensure that the extract enterprises developed in the international market can be recognized, but also, more and more foreign merchants are now starting the extract enterprises to develop their own methods for the analysis and detection of plant extracts. For example, on the international market objects detection from China extract enterprises.

The application of new materials is mainly reflected the application of excipients in the production process of the extract. Since plants in general sugar high, but more or less contain certain fats, sticky wall, plastic in the process often is not easy molding, easy to dry phenomenon. In addition, the extract market product has a higher use value through technical means, such as to reduce the bad smell or taste of the product, or oily products improved handle for easier processing of solid powder, thereby improving the processing performance of the product. At present, the more new accessories extract enterprises PVP, β-cyclodextrin, hydroxy-β-cyclodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, pellets, etc. In addition, in production process of pharmaceutical equipment and packaging materials, the application of new materials play an active role.

At present, the plant extract industry has been equipped with new production equipments such as molecular distillation equipment, industrial macroporous resin operating system, the industrial column chromatography equipment, mold separation equipment, freeze-drying equipment, carbon dioxide supercritical extraction equipment and so on. The new testing equipments are LC-MS instrument, diode array detection and evaporative light scattering detector and solid phase extraction. Those new equipments used in the production or testing significantly improve cognitive ability and technical level of Chinese plant extract industry.