How many things do you know about the lens? With the aspects of economic and technological development, the performance of the lens is now slowly and tend to perfection, and today we give you about the lens coating technology, which is targeted and to the previous lack of lens design, is well known that the lens by its own light transmittance, leading to a clear vision decline in the quality and affect the appearance of the wearer, such as: the appearance of vortex clear lens, photography reflector, do not see to the wearer's eyes and so on. However, the lens coating to improve this series of questions, the following carefully to see:
Lens is the use of optical thin film coating and vacuum technology, coated with a certain thickness of the monolayer or multilayer optical film, in order to improve the ability to reflect light lens, serve to enhance or reduce the role of light through the lens of the light transmittance to increase. The plated film mainly subdural, multi-antireflection coating, stain-resistant film. The film's main role is to: increase the dura mater:
Zinc oxide increase the surface hardness of the lens, making it more resistant to wear. Multi-layer antireflection coating: increased lens transmittance of visible light and UV, radiation performance. Membrane fouling: antireflection coating technology for the needs of the large gap between the membrane molecules, the lens surface is easy to filth, and dirt particles small molecule membrane material, the gap between small molecules, so that the lens surface is more smooth, increase the waterproof, fog, dust, and so on pollution prevention and other functions.
After the lens coating to reduce the specular reflection of light,
Titanium dioxide to prevent the electromagnetic wave, ultraviolet, infrared, X-ray and other damage to the eye. General computer workers choose radiation performance of the lens is better, it can prevent electromagnetic waves damage to the eye. Like shooting people choose to have multi-layer coated lens is better, it can reduce the reflective surface of the lens to increase the photo effect.
Seen the development of technology has brought to our lives how much convenience, then look at an anti-radiation lenses, then, what is the anti-radiation lens it? It has what function? It is in the bottom of glasses and radiation-resistant surface coated with a chemical,
Magnesia plus the original nine-ion is not reflective multilayer film, anti-spending coating, antifouling, waterproof coating, such a new high technology products. It is a metal compound, the lens surface to form a barrier. 100% of the filtered electromagnetic waves, the function to protect the eyes. The multi-layer gold plating, can greatly reduce lens glare and increase light transmittance. So bright and clear vision. Special multi-layer technology can cut off the computer, TV, etc. to harmful electromagnetic waves, radiation, protect eyesight. Source: