Nowaday the common bag's material is: cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, PU leather, patent leather, leather. PU leather, recycled leather is artificial leather, which belongs to rubber, not real leather, what is more ,it is not durable. And how to identify them?

First, the leather: leather for cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer or other animals, stripped of some of the original skin, tanning processed by tanneries, made of a variety of features, strength, feel, color, pattern leather material, non woven bag china modern leather products necessary materials. Among them, cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin leather materials used are the three skin types. Dermal layer of skin into the first and second layer of skin types.
(1) First layer of skin is of a grain of cattle, sheep, pig, etc., the leather has natural marks such as scars and blood, tendons, occasional stab wound to the processing and utilization of low belly area,
rpet bag imports first layer of skin as well the number of cattle brand. Whole grain dough from the pore thickness and coarseness to distinguish what kind of animal leather. More types of leather such as cow leather, meat, leather, grazing leather, cowhide, leather male, not castrated male and castrated male cow leather. In our country there are yellow leather, buffalo, yak skin and Pianniu hides. Among them, the water pores of thick leather and more sparse; leather yellow leather, water is more dense and fine pores. Fine pores in sheep's clothing is more dense and a little more slope, mainly sheep skin and goatskin two categories. First layer of skin from a variety of animal hides processed directly, or thick cortex of cattle, pigs, horses and other animals cross into the skin after hair removal upper and lower layers, the upper part of the fiber is organized into a variety of processing the first layer of skin.
(2) second layer of skin is loose fibrous tissue than the two-story part, by chemical materials sprayed or covered with PVC, PU film processing.
Thus, the distinction between first layer and second layer of skin and effective way, is a longitudinal section view of Chapi fiber density. First layer of skin by the thin, dense layer of fibers and closely linked with its slightly over-layer composed of loose, with good strength, elasticity and plasticity characteristics of technology. Second layer of skin only loose fibrous tissue layer, only after spraying chemicals or polishing can be used to make leather products, it maintains a certain degree of natural elasticity and plasticity characteristics of technology, but the strength is poor, with the first layer of the thickness required the same skin.
Second, the leather: also known as leather or rubber, PVC and PU and other man-made materials in general. It is based on non-woven textile cloth or by a variety of different formulations of PVC and PU, etc. made of foam or coating process, according to different strength, abrasion resistance, cold resistance degree and color, luster, pattern processed into patterns and other requirements, with wide variety of colors, waterproof performance is good, neat margins, utilization of high and low price relative to the characteristics of leather, but most of the leather, the feel and flexibility can not achieve the effect of the dermis; its vertical section,
recycle PET bag you can see tiny bubbles holes, cloth or the surface of the film and dry dry man-made fibers. It is a very popular early until now a class of materials, and is commonly used for the production of leather products, leather, or some material. It is increasingly sophisticated production process, being the second floor of the production process widely used. Now, mimicking characteristics of leather to leather production market with its base surface process is extremely fibrous tissue, almost leather effect.