The nature and role of minoxidil is the same to hydrolyzing. It is strong and durable. It affects the blood pressure, so as not to affect apparent capacity for the vessel, making the peripheral vascular resistance. It directly affects the relaxation of vascular smooth muscle of small arteries. In excitability, it can reflex sympathetic and increase the heart rate and cardiac output increase. It can also increase the plasma renin activity.


The mechanism of minoxidil hair growth is not clearly understood that it contains a variety of ways still. One theory, in order to prevent the aggregation of cytoplasmic free calcium, its role is minoxidil sulfate Hill, of K channels to metabolism of the hair follicle. This is the epidermal growth factor, the hair will prevent the inhibition produced. Therefore, we are promoting hair growth.


Another possible reason of vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptor is to be Expressions and minoxidil. This reaction is, to stimulate hair growth and angiogenesis. Some researchers, minoxidil, the enzyme prostaglandin synthesis - was proven to be the possibility of epoxy-1 agonist. Minoxidil, the number of cellular DNA synthesis. These changes will lead to the transition to permanent hair removal and long-term hair extension hair.


Minoxidil, it is possible his hair is longer, thicker in the treatment of hypertension. Therefore, the development and application as a treatment for hair loss. It plays a role in the treatment of alopecia areata. It will promote the growth of hair, the exact mechanism is unknown. However, it can be suggested that the role of vasodilator leaving the blood supply of the drug to promote hair growth. Minoxidil is the role of improved blood flow to the skin. However, we are able to measure blood flow to the hair follicle can not be accurately. Increase the survival rate of the keratinocytes minoxidil direct effect on the proliferation of keratinocytes, in the middle, and extend the life of the cell. Similarly, this effect can be used to maintain the growth of hair cells.


So, to connect once, they are effective, the class of the hormone, the treatment of alopecia reverse transcription by the androgen based upon the alcohol hormone of cells into the cytoplasm of the receptor is DNA in the nucleus at the core RNA copies are not conveyed to a particular part of the expression of the enzyme, protein production lead to changes in cell metabolism. The cosmetics raw material will attempt to prevent must be binding to the DNA binding or hormone receptor cytoplasmic, has been selected this drug for the performance of the vitality of the information of hormonal drug exogenous androgens by DNA conjugation hormones and it generates a series of protein may mediate the role of a specific protein.


Minoxidil is a combination of these proteins and their presence. If it occupies the sites of these proteins or has a combination with these proteins, its existence will hinder the hormonal induction to pass the signal to the cell. The signals can make the hair growth stops. As long as minoxidil exists, the hair grows. Even in the other male hormones, the treatment process will not be interfered.Source: