Cosmetics is a necessity of daily life, with social development, technological advances, rising living standards, it has entered a rapid stage of development. The categories of it has cream, butter, flour, water, varieties innovation, and new products are cosmetics market has witnessed a dazzling, blossom prosperity. Hydrolyzed protein as a raw material for the production of protein cream, in cosmetics in the garden, as one succeeds, filled with "return to the natural" meaning of the wonderful work.
Production and development of cosmetics has many years of practical experience in chemical plant and a daily production of hydrolyzed plant proteins work together to develop the hydrolyzed protein as the main raw material of protein cream. After more than a year, after hundreds of sample test, a dozen times in the test, by comparison, screening to determine the protein cream formulation and production process of raw materials, astaxanthin access to the successful development of protein cream. In a large trial on the basis of success, quickly organized a mass production, market, and achieved good results. The development of protein cream fine paste, light, the physical and chemical indicators are in line with corporate standards. The trial showed that moisture is not only a good protein cream, to moisturize the skin and prevent evaporation, and can promote skin cell metabolism, enhance cell viability, increase muscle flexibility, nutrition, play a role in the skin, is an ideal skin care to share.
Hydrolyzed protein variety, with its raw material preparation can be divided into plant protein and animal protein. Mentioned in this article refers to the hydrolysis of protein are animal protein, that is obtained by the hydrolysis of gelatin hydrolyzed protein, commonly known as "hydrolyzed gelatin", Chiang Kai-shek in the industry standard known as "hydrolyzed collagen." Hydrolyzed protein is gelatin hydrolysis product, with natural features. Hydrolyzed protein containing 18 amino acids, including valine, leucine, biotin, isoleucine, threonine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine is an essential amino acid. Clarify the information, made with hydrolyzed protein amino acids in cosmetic products can penetrate to the subcutaneous tissue and is absorbed, can promote metabolism of skin cells and enhance cell viability, slow down aging of skin cells, skin nutrition play a role. U.S. patent coverage, protein hydrolysates can promote skin regeneration, and replace the dermal layer of the amino acids, amino acids containing more than 5% of cosmetics has moisture effect. Liquid hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyzed protein, the yellow, water absorption, heat-stable; added to paste, the paste can increase the brightness; containing amino acids, with the role of nutrition care. Source: