Chip multilayer ceramic capacitor is one of the most important electronic components in circuit. Multilayer ceramic capacitor is connected together by more than one single-layer capacitances. It is composed by inner electrode, dielectric material and terminal electrode. Copper has small resistivity and its electro-migration speed is slow. It also has an advantage of inexpensive price. Metal copper powder is the inner electrode of MLCC. It should have the following characteristics: good dispersion, high spherical degree and uniform size. Ultrafine copper powder (FCu) in liquid restore preparation method is closer to the above requirements.

Conductive paint filler Department of carbon, silver, copper and nickel and composite Department. As an electromagnetic wave shielding conductive filler in paint, copper, high conductivity, and the price is relatively cheap materials easy to get non-existent silver in the silver migration occurs in the coating affect the coating performance and other advantages of the acclaimed. But copper is easily oxidized and the oxide conductivity is low, resulting in the decline of the conductivity of the coating, so the low price of copper powder composite conductive coating research and development of resistance to metal migration more and more attention. Dendritic micron copper powder and spherical sub-micron copper powder preparation of a new silver-plated copper powder as conductive filler, better conductive properties of the conductive coating can be obtained.

Ultrafine copper powder dispersed in an appropriate way to form a stable suspension in a variety of lubricating oil can be an excellent lubricant, can greatly reduce the wear and friction, especially with heavy loads, low vibration and high temperature case the role is more significant, play a role in protection of materials and equipment. The RFT-III reciprocating friction and wear testing machine to test copper powder and nano-copper powder filled POM formed by the friction and wear properties of composite materials, the study found, fill in plus a certain amount of copper powder and nano to listen to points can reduce the wear of POM, but nano copper powder is better. Preparation of copper nanoparticles using copper sulfate pentahydrate as main raw material, measured the lubricating effect of the nano-Cu additive lubricants, antiwear less friction and other performance far superior to conventional oils, could become a new generation of lubricant anti-wear reduction friction additives.

Ultrafine copper powder of fine particles and uniform surface area of ​​activity, we can use this feature to create efficient catalysts. Purification process such as in automobile exhaust, ultrafine copper powder can be used to partially replace the precious metals platinum and ruthenium as a catalyst, so that the toxicity of carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, nitric oxide into nitrogen dioxide; can also be used for carbon dioxide and hydrogen and methanol synthesis reaction in a catalyst with high catalytic activity. Nano-copper particles catalyzed acetylene polymerization also achieved satisfactory results.

The nano metal powder can be used for the preparation of nano-copper materials. The copper material has good ductility. It significantly improves the strength and plasticity. It has an important value on materials processing and micro-mechanical manufacturing. In addition, due to the low melting point of copper, copper powder can also be used in the aerospace industry or as a rocket nozzle. Meanwhile, ultrafine copper powder can even be used to treat osteoporosis and fractures.