Fine chemical industry, basic industry of national economy, has now established a relatively complete industrial system of fine chemicals, including surfactants, cosmetics, photographic materials, paints, dyes, optical brighteners, organic pigments, fragrances and pesticides.
Fine chemical is a process of industry, mainly through the mixing of raw materials, separation, crushing, heating and other physical or chemical methods, so that raw material value. Through years of information technology experience, I have summed up the three special fine chemical industry: batch traceability, weight management, confidential formula, which is the fine chemical industry, three major management problems, is on the ERP, enterprise information system can not completely solve the problem, but because the large amount of information collected, artisanal and information input delay errors, leading to the ERP system is not timely and accurate information, the impact of enterprise management and decision-making.
A fine chemical plant work processes, divided into raw materials receiving, inspection, shelves, shift library, production of lead materials, ingredients, packaging and finished products out of storage, etc., because the fine chemical industry, raw materials, semi-finished most of the fluid features, so will be involved in most aspects to the material weighing, weighing a large number of data collection and input into the computer, tedious and error-prone; fine chemical industries require a higher quality retrospective, Copper Chromite(CC) raw materials batch information in each part of the collection, including FIFO control, is also troubled by a problem management.
Formula is the life of fine chemical industry. Many chemical plants, have only the formula in the hands of core staff, from raw material receiving part of the replacement packaging to conceal the name of raw material and supplier information, only the code marked; link to a recipe in the ingredients split into several, by the different groups for the preparation, and then synthesis. Because of lead materials, ingredients are subject to the code, formula and need to split synthesis, a higher plant management requirements, ingredients should be part number of the check, weight check, batch records, workers need to operate high sense of responsibility, careless.
Using bar code technology fine chemical industry, batch traceability, weighing management, recipe management problems can be solved three confidential.
Lot traceability of raw materials must be to establish batch barcode labels in each part of the transfer of materials collected by scanning lots of information, to batch traceability purposes. Bar code labels can require suppliers to the required format printing paste after delivery (This can be used for receiving data acquisition equipment, while improving the efficiency of receipt of raw materials) can also be printed in the receiving part of their own paste; in the future inspection, shelves, shift library, receive materials, ingredients and other logistics chain, we need to use batch capture device information collection, Triphenyl Bismuth and related documents directly into the computer-generated, to ensure the accuracy of batch information records, thereby ensuring the batch information of continuity. Moreover, by collecting materials FIFO device can monitor the operation, and determine whether the shelf life beyond, effectively raising the standard of warehouse operations.
Central warehouse using cargo management (also using bar codes), each material batch barcode labels on the barrels; workshop warehouse unified barrel, each barrel with the material bar code labels, batch picking information collected through the scan , transferred in the system, to ensure the continuation of batch traceability. Devices are now electronic scales with serial RS232 output function, you can output the weighing data to a computer and other processing equipment. Leader in the production of materials, ingredients, weighing the need to link, using the computer automatically read weight data recorded directly to the relevant documents, not only improve the work efficiency, and avoid manual intervention data to ensure accurate and reliable weighing data to improve management level. Ingredients link is abandoned formula one hand, the use of electronic formula, it can effectively prevent the leakage formula.
Operating plant formula set by senior management to split, sent to the various ingredients station, operator selection formula one, the batching operations, each step (with any material, with the number, process requirements, etc.) is indicated by the computer, Musk R-1 dosing tank before the bar code scanning, to confirm the correct materials, while passing batch information; weighing computer automatically recorded data, for comparison, within the scope allowed by the error; all ingredients barrels have barcode number, and finally the system instructions synthetic. In this way, through the application of information systems and bar code combination, management practices can be effectively implemented, the operator step by step, we can guarantee quality and quantity of work.
With the development of information technology industry, fine chemical industry is the widespread adoption of enterprise ERP information systems, to improve their management level, if combined with bar code technology, will greatly enhance the effectiveness of information systems and real-time, enable enterprises to manage a higher level! Source: