Vibrating screen in the metal powder, especially the role of screening in the abrasive has no substitute! By following the basic metal powder coating formulations designed to look at the metal powder in the paint Vibrating screen application.
Metal powder coating formulation involves many factors, mainly the product of metal color (metallic paint varieties), film art effects (surface or texture), the production process (extrusion or dry mix), curing conditions (oven or bake Road, room temperature or high temperature coating), changes in any of these conditions need to redesign the original formula, some of the key trade-offs and the amount of additives also significantly affect the size of the appearance of the coating effect. In this brief hot mix process the basic metal powder coating formulations. Hot mix process of metal powder coatings have a common characteristic, that is, the design formula into two parts: base formula mixed with dry formula. Base formula is mainly resin, curing agent, leveling agent, common fillers, commonly used additives, according to the variety of product requirements for material choice and dosage adjustment, high light class base, striped base, wrinkled sand base , the base material part of the raw materials required by formula pre-weighed after the high-speed dispersion, manganese powder melt extrusion, compression crushing, milling and screening, the base material powder obtained. Dry-mixed formula is metal pigments and various additives and the base material powder in proportion to the design, production according to the ratio Weigh materials, according to the types of product design, process parameters and process for feeding, mixing, heating, bonding, cooling, powder body treatment and screening and other production operations.
As such the metal powder coating process to produce many varieties, just choose the current use of a wider class of high-light, effect type, stripe type, sand grain types are introduced. High-light products with a regular base formula powder formulations compared to high light, but in the amount of pigments and fillers are some differences. Formulations in the base material can be added a certain amount of coating pigments and fillers and to ensure good chrome effect, the other to enhance the floating effect of the metal, the base material can also add viscosity modifiers, such as brightening agent 701, W-1, etc.; dry-mixed formula in general only a metal pigment, requires floating performance, such as love card Chromalux
, PC100. Effects of products with relatively high optical products, but can base formula designed to be more diversified, boron powder with its multi-color, low cost, quality and stability of the main advantages of the metal occupy powder coating applications.
Markings in the base formula is not the most obvious feature is the leveling agent. Adjust the viscosity of the base material which is very important, because the control viscosity favor of floating metallic paint markings agents also play a beneficial role in proliferation, to obtain satisfactory results markings. In addition, as markings caused by the uneven effect of the hollow thin film thickness (30 ~ 50μm, the individual at 20μm or less), easy to produce exposed end of the phenomenon, the base material for the conventional dosage of pigment should be 2 to 4 times, so as to ensure the recess consistent with the overall color of the coating. Author based on her years of design, production and application of research experience, concluded that the effect of product design stripes first user of the product based on the conditions of coating (including spray chamber conditions, curing conditions, and product end-use environmental conditions), to determine dry mix base and the basic formula structure, such as: resin type (indoor or outdoor), metal pigments species (Al, Cu), the base material viscosity requirements (variety and quantity of pigments and fillers, viscosity conditioning agent), according to the texture size and thickness of metal required to determine the amount of pigment, binder amount of pigments and fillers, markings agent particle size and amount of surface fixed dosage, test to determine the initial formulation, and then dry-mixed production process according to debugging, nickel powder the amount of material precise adjustments to finalize the product formula. Repeated in the future the production process, the transformation will encounter materials or even different batches of material manufacturers, this time as long as careful analysis of the material trends, forecast changes in the texture coating, adjustable markings, surface fixed agents the amount of metal pigments of the three, basically you can adjust the texture with the original line.
Metal sand-grain products in the base materials used for conventional grain of sand, sometimes with a grain of sand commercially available products for base material; dry-mixed formula in line with conventional additives, mainly to choose the right variety and amount of metal pigment. Source: