The nature of light

    Just refers to the radiation emitted by the light source part, that is able to produce visual radiation.

    According to physics point of view, Light is an electromagnetic wave, the wavelength in the 380-780mm range. Because this part of the electromagnetic wave can cause the human visual response, so called visible light.

    All kinds of electromagnetic waves at wavelengths Expand: wavelength (nm)

     Color of visible light and the feeling of eye

    Different wavelengths of light gives the color perception is different, as shown in Table 1. From 380nm to 780nm wavelength increases, the light color from purple, beginning with the blue, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, gradually changing the order. Between each two colors there is no obvious boundaries, decreasing by a color, the color gradually increased to another transition. All visible light waves are mixed together to form daylight (white light).

    Characteristics of color

    Color has three properties: brightness, hue and color saturation.

    1, Brightness: the brightness of the color light brightness determined by the color of light, the higher the brightness, the more people feel the bright eyes. Light colored surface reflectivity higher, the higher its brightness.

    2, Hue: Hue is the color characteristics distinguish each other. Different wavelengths within the visible spectrum of radiation in the visual performance of a variety of colors such as red, orange, yellow, green and blue. The color depends on the light source spectral composition of the feeling produced by the human eye, Nickel oxide and color of objects depends on the composition and the spectrum of light reflected from surface (transmission) the ratio of the various wavelengths of radiation produced by the human eye feeling . For example, only a reflection on the light in a wavelength range 480-560nm radiation and absorption of other wavelengths of radiation on the leaves, the leaves were green on the surface.

    3 Saturation: Saturation is the color of purity. Visible spectrum of monochromatic light is the most saturated color. Spectrum incorporation Bai Guangcheng points, the more unsaturated, if the spectrum incorporation Baiguang Cheng points to a large proportion of this time is no longer colored light color, and become a white light. Object color saturation, Neodymium fluoride depending on the surface of the selective reflection spectrum of the radiation. Selective as possible, that the radiation reflected from an object the more narrow wavelength range, the higher the color saturation.

    Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple stage lights are seven colors must be selected, not only in the choice of color to emphasize the brightness, color saturation, hue consistency requirements for very high, ± 5nm of difference in the human eye will have a huge visual difference. The temperature of the substrate material, pressure, Barium titanate and membrane processing department also has special requirements because of high temperature glass thermal expansion coefficient and color drift caused by stage lighting will be brought to a fatal flaw. Cai Yi lighting company based on three characteristics of color and lighting designer famous as recommended in the choice of color film has a high-quality technical requirements. Yi currently selected color is the color of film imported from Italy, it meets the conditions for R & D input, so that light output stable, uniform, bright, high color purity.

    Wavelengths greater than 780nm red light outside, known as infrared light or infrared; wavelengths less than 380nm light, the purple on the outside, known as ultraviolet light or ultraviolet light, ultraviolet and infrared than the human eye, but can feel, for example, can cause thermal infrared, and ultraviolet light can cause pain.

    Stage lighting design applications in optical film mostly uses cold light reflector bowls, Zinc oxide cold light film reflector of visible light (luminescence) high reflectivity, infrared light (heat light) high through the domestic production of cold light reflector bowls generally can be membrane: Visible average reflectivity:> 93%, the average infrared transmittance:> 75%. Infrared light through the reflector after most of the heat generated by the fan away, but there must be a part of infrared light through the insulating film to be blocked, or too much heat generated by infrared light can damage the color of the front piece, gobos, iris, closed-rays, and even accelerate the functions of other effects of aging.

    UV is harmful to humans, people encounter in their daily lives in the strong UV sunlight will feel the skin burning when. Stage Lighting in the optical design will also consider the use of optical lens coating to block UV wavelength 380nm the following.

    High-quality stage lighting projection of illumination is high, but it feels very soft and light, no burning sensation; the stage lights take into account the poor to pay the cost of the reflector, the optical lens is not required, then the illumination of the projection light will make people feel to burning, which would shorten the lamp life, and even cause disasters.

    Stage lights when the light path design should consider not only filter out visible light, but also consider the efficiency of light utilization. Here are a few common unit of measurement of light.

    1, the radiation flux and flux

    Light source in unit time is called the total energy radiated light flux, in units of watts (W).

    But with the radiation flux corresponding to the physical quantity based on human visual called flux, in lumens (Lumen), denoted by lm.

    2, illumination

    When the light irradiation on a surface, the surface incurs light, the surface brightness of the irradiated light illumination to describe. Illumination is defined as the illuminated surface of the luminous flux received per unit area. Units of lux illumination, denoted by lx. 1lx that 1lm the flux evenly on the surface irradiated at 1m when the light intensity, which 1lx = 1lm / m

    3, the color temperature

    If a piece of iron gradually heated, the iron will be light, its color with the color temperature of light will be increased from the initial red to yellow, then yellow to white, and finally into a strong blue green, indicating that hot objects The light color and its temperature has a close relationship.

    In order to describe the red-hot objects glow color temperature between the hot body of people with light color as a standard blackbody (black body is able to throw everything on the wavelength of its radiation absorbed by all objects) when heated to certain temperature The light hue comparison, Titanium dioxide if they are the same color of light emitted, put in bold in the light color temperature setting for hot objects, color temperature, expressed in absolute temperature scale. For example, if a light source color temperature of 4500K and heated to the absolute black body color of light emitted by the same, the color temperature is 4500K.

    2000K color temperature of light emitted by the light orange; 2500K or so pale orange; 3000K or so yellow; 4000K white in time was slightly orange; 4500-7500K, when nearly white (5500-6000K at which the closest white). The average color temperature of daylight 6000-6500K.

    The light is measured in three stage lights must be considered when designing the three very important indicator.

    Flux and the source of power is directly proportional to the same type of light source power, the higher the greater the flux

    Color temperature and light, reflector, optical lens, and even the power light bulbs have a direct relationship between the color temperature is too high or too low will directly affect the color of light and color rendering index. The level of illumination light optical path is an important manifestation of the design merits, and now some domestic tender stage lighting or lighting industry in the procurement, Magnesia the measurement is the first important indicator lamp illumination. So some high-quality stage lighting manufacturers in the reflector, the optical lens choice with strict technical requirements, such as reflector coating, temperature and color temperature consistency is the consideration of the parameters. Yi is currently selected color imported Italian cold grid-like membrane reflector and the German film reflective imported ceramic bowl cold (expansion coefficient is zero) as the condenser system, coupled with high precision, high-quality lens optical components used , the light output efficiency sharp, uniform, large luminous flux.

    Stage computer lighting is a light, mechanical, electrical and one of the perfect combination, which part of the problem will directly affect performance, especially in optical design is more important, then how to make light and color in the lights is to maximize All lighting manufacturers in the design of the product need to address the primary problem.