Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. use its unique technology, successfully developed the world's smallest "imitation of the structure of the human keratinocyte ceramide." Ceramide is important in recent years developed a skin care active ingredients, human skin has a protective, nourishing and moisturizing effect, this research and development of the technology successful, will greatly improve the composition of the skin permeability and repair power, for a new generation of high-moisture, high repair skin barrier function of skin care product development has a positive meaning.

Ceramide is the outermost layer of the stratum corneum of human skin cells in the main body between the lipid composition, the laminated structure and cuticle cells together to achieve the prevention of skin water distribution and to prevent skin barrier function by external stimuli. With increasing age, decreasing ceramide in the skin, the stratum corneum skin to prevent external foreign invasion, in vitro inhibition of water distributed to the capacity of the barrier has been declining, so the stratum corneum in order to restore the original state of the skin to maintain skin's barrier function,
minoxidil actively added ceramide is very important. "Imitation of human keratinocyte ceramide structure" because it had with the original human skin ceramides same chemical structure, easy to be absorbed by the skin, repair skin's natural barrier function, provide care for the skin, nourishing and moisturizing.

However, due to "imitate human keratinocyte ceramide structure" in solution easily crystallized,
Cosmetics material melt the traditional way of emulsifier oil and ceramide molecules dispersed, only the preparation of 100 to 300 nm, low concentrations of the "imitation the structure of the human keratinocyte ceramide. " Lipids to the cell body to every corner of delivering adequate amounts, through its own unique Fujifilm technologies, successfully developed an average particle diameter of 20 nm, "imitation of the human skin cell structure of nano-ceramide," The study confirmed the skin permeability barrier function and skin repair capacity, is the dispersion of ceramide in the past nine times.

This unique technology is called "NANO FOCUS (nm target)." "NANO FOCUS" is a stable component can make the most appropriate form, to achieve high permeability, high absorption of nano-emulsification, dispersion technology brand name, which is based on the concept of Fujifilm FTD technology (the composition and the organic material configuration with (Formulation), to maintain its freshness and stability in the state, sent a timely and appropriate manner (Delivery) specify the location (Targeting)) as a guide technology R & D results, but also the Fuji film photosensitive material film in many years of R & D process ,
API supplier the accumulation of wealth out of the core technologies, and successfully applied to a new cause - the cause of the health care field. For example, the existing "ASTALIFT" cosmetics on the skin with an anti-oxidation substances "astaxanthin", NANO FOCUS (nano-targeting) technology, easy to capture the precipitation of astaxanthin is not easy to absorb technical problems, in maintaining the stability of its active ingredients, while the nano-emulsifying, significantly improved its skin absorption and penetration.

In the future, Fujifilm will actively target to
astaxanthin, ceramide as the representative of the various active ingredients, to further expand NANO FOCUS use of technology, higher levels of physical play active ingredients, and promote high functional cosmetics, health products R & D and commercialization process, in order to improve the quality of human life and contribute. Source:http://www.cosprm.com