In today's economic-based society, women's bag is not the exclusive accessories. Walking down the street, whether it is wearing a suit, dress or office workers to wear jeans, sportswear, students, or else put a hanging basket or housewives, one bag per person is not twisted, is back a cool backpack, a bag is always manual. The bag is always filled with some wallets, mobile phones, cosmetics, combs, data files, etc., in short, all necessities of life have seen bags in their daily lives play an important role is more unitary. Especially the need to give a good impression of the friends, the opportunity to use the bag frequently, with the overall appearance of the clothes, the bag is an indispensable part. Buy bags of focus: the common market bag, whether it is focusing on functional or aesthetic, can be broadly divided into: handbag, nonwoven bags unilateral backpack, backpacks, purses and other four. Purchase bags, in addition to choose their favorite color, pattern, style, functionality beyond; the most important thing is to note that the way to carry bags. Inappropriate way to carry the body will affect the inclination, the tilt of the body because the body weight and muscle force to withstand the wrong way, leading to muscle relaxation, O-type legs, pelvis bent, left leg straight skeleton, knee thick, thigh obesity, slowly can also cause low back pain, shoulder pain, even headaches.
Bag of temperament, said: waterproof backpack ─ chic products, the special qualities of natural love. Leather Products ─ energetic businessman with excellent steady temperament. Liangpi ─ noble Prince momentum, but also sexy, glamorous and temperament. Cloth ─ fresh, casual, young feeling. Bag ─ addition to folk sense, but also a little gorgeous delicate. Mesh bags ─ sense of fashion trends. ─ warm fur bag, rpet bag mystery. Bag material, said: bags made of material with a variety of theme material as: natural leather, synthetic leather, plastic, cloth, animal fur and so on. Production up, the most widely used material is cow leather leather elements. The most durable cow leather, devaluation should be more than two to three years old cattle leather best system, but also the most advanced product is easy to damage. Others, such as pig, goat, snake skin, crocodile skin, etc. are also very durable. When checking bags to buy: buy bag, first see if the alignment is easy, recycling bag whether the balance of the car without loose stitches, skew, with or without skin wrinkles, handle, buckles, etc. are also necessary to take firm selection of the job. Maintenance bag: no matter-what style of bag, as long as properly maintained, to spend several years is no problem, no other method of maintenance is to wipe clean the work should not be careless.
General Leather: Use dry soft cloth, severe, try to use an eraser to handle non woven bag china or use leather cleaner to remove the dedicated hard to rub the dirt. Synthetic Leather: You can use a soft cloth dipped in diluted neutral detergent to clean. Liangpi: Liangpi general fear is that cracks need to be carefully taken care of, in order to enable it to maintain beautiful, delicate fabrics and bright skin using special cream to clean and maintain. Cloth products: first, the use of plastic soft-bristled brush brush the dirt, then use a neutral detergent. In addition, the dirt gets on the market to prevent the trafficking of spray, is a good way in advance to prevent contamination. Source: