"Prevent aging" is one of the biggest target of skin care cosmetics. Grasp the essence of all skin care products can even be said that are in order to prevent skin aging. In an aging society, from a variety of point of view, concern for quality of life above all else, in this social context, to achieve successful aging (emphasis on beautiful days) it seems the future will play cosmetics increasingly important role. With age, the skin will show a wide range of aging. Wrinkles and folds which are the most prominent aging. Therefore, particularly from the beauty point of view, most people are concerned about wrinkles and skin aging.
Prevent wrinkles wrinkle-free performance for the present argument is only limited to "UV-induced wrinkles, sunburn," that argument, but is developing a variety of whitening agents such topical pharmaceutical additives. Therefore, there is no generally accepted in the field of cosmetic improvement of wrinkles agent, anti-wrinkle agent of the varieties, however, pharmaceutical grades of wrinkles in Europe and America to improve the agent's research and development in the field of cosmetics products with similar great influence on the development, astaxanthin the role of ease and the results are clearly recognized the development of anti-wrinkle cosmetics are becoming a reality.
Mechanism for the formation of wrinkles: the most prone to wrinkles in the face. From the outer corner and the most prone to wrinkle the forehead and other features of the site can be understood, because these parts of the muscle movements repeated skin deformation, deformation gradually fixed as wrinkles. Although the wrinkle formation process has not yet fully understood, but that the formation of wrinkles and increase with age and the occurrence of skin structure, functions closely related to the physical changes. Needless to say, the skin during sun exposure also has significant implications. Sun exposure caused by the slow steps to the throne of the so-called photoaging skin, in the epidermis, dermis, epidermis and dermis, and a wide range of micro-vascular part of the natural aging of the skin will appear with different histological and morphological changes. In short, thickened epidermis, cuticle thick, dry, or degeneration of dermal collagen fibers reduce accumulation of elastic fibers and grass-roots and the surrounding membrane damage and other skin changes, skin elasticity, skin deformation repeatedly reduced ability to restitution, the formation of wrinkles fixed soon. Therefore, the so-called can count on for effective anti-aging skin agent is able to repair and wrinkles pharmaceutical-related changes in skin structure and function of pharmaceutical, glutathione or can prevent the changes caused by human factors inside and outside the pharmacy. Prevention and anti-aging agents tend to improve the function can not be strictly distinguished, but its main function as some sort of classification, retinoic acid is an external medicine, has now the sole agent to improve the status of wrinkles. Retinoic acid is a vitamin A (retinol) metabolites, vitamin A is one of the physiological activity of the body, it is in Europe for topical treatment of acne (acne) of the drug has been 20 years.
Although retinoic acid has such good results, but there are side effects to stimulate the skin. Retinoic acid on the anti-wrinkle effect of the Japanese wood only and others only report. While acknowledging the effectiveness of retinoic acid, but the incidence of skin irritation is also high we expect a similar note the effect of retinoic acid but without the problem of side effects vitamin A (retinol). Vitamin A has been used very early ruffling of the skin to inhibit the effect of composition. Recorded in Japan, cosmetics material open the book can be used for cosmetic formulations of vitamin A compounds in retinol, retinol acetate ester, palmitic acid esters of retinol, 3 species on their nutritional value in the same absorbed by the body by retinol metabolized into retinal, retinoic acid and other organs needed for the activity of the body. Based on itself does not heat, light and oxygen compounds in the vitamin A reason for the relatively more stable, so far only palmitate. Source:http://www.cosprm.com