Manganese is one of the basic raw material of iron and steel industry. At present, the iron and steel industry consume manganese accounts for more than 90% in the total manganese ore consumption, In recent years, as the world steel output continuous growth, the world’s manganese ore demand has also grown dramatically.

The world manganese ore main production state-owned China, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Gabon, kazakhstan, Ukraine, India, Ghana, Mexico, etc.; The world manganese alloy mainly produces the state-owned China, Ukraine, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Norway, India, Australia, Russia and Korea etc.

The world land manganese ore resources are abundant, but the distribution is not uniform, manganese ore resources are mainly distributed in South Africa, Ukraine, Gabon, Australia, India, China, Brazil and Mexico and other countries. South Africa and Ukraine is the world's most abundant manganese ore resources of the two countries, South Africa manganese ore resources accounts for about 77% of the world manganese ore resources, Ukraine accounted for 10%. The 2006 world land manganese ore reserves and reserve base respectively for 440 million tons and 5.2 billion tons. The world seabed manganese nodules and cobalt incrustation resource is very rich, is manganese ore important potential resources.

The world manganese ore deposit types mainly include: sedimentary type, volcanic sedimentary type, sedimentary metamorphic type, hydrothermal type, weathering crust type and submarine tuberculosis - crust type. In the world’s high grade manganese ore resources, manganese mainly distributed in South Africa, Australia, Gabon and Brazil, there are occupied more than 35%. Manganese ore products including metallurgy manganese ore, manganese carbonate powder, chemical manganese dioxide mineral powder and the battery manganese dioxide mineral powder, etc. Metallurgical department, light industry departments, chemical department and metal powder supplier according to the different uses of manganese products have different requirements in the quality.

The world land manganese ore reserves in 100 million tons of ultra large manganese origin has eight place, it is respectively: South Africa's Carla harry, post javier fort, Ukraine's big TuoKeMaKe, nico Bohr, Gabon's MoAnDa, Ghana grace Sue tower, Australia's an island, Georgia just tula. Foreign manganese ore grade is compared commonly high, especially in South Africa Carla harry mining of manganese ore grade is 30% ~ 50%, Australia is an island of the mining area of the manganese ore grade higher 40% ~ 50%.

Compared with foreign manganese ore resources, our country’s manganese mainly deposit in medium and small scale, ore grade is low, average include 20-30% manganese powder, exploiting conditions at a disadvantage, but along with the domestic manganese ore resources deposited disorderly in recent years, the ore grade is much lower, now the 15-18% of manganese ore grade occupied the main body of production.