Nonwoven bags, reusable shopping bags in the plastic limit before being considered a high-end shopping items, only a few businesses can afford, few consumers can afford. Plastic limit after the release of all businesses have launched their own business advertisements printed non-woven bags, shopping bags, the speed seems to manufacturers everywhere overnight. In this colorful, mix of non-woven bags, reusable shopping bag, but there is a vastly different quality; experts pointed out that some low-quality bags into disposable consumer goods, disposable throw a green shell.
According to the non-woven bags have views of the quality of consumer surveys, and asked the boss made a few bags, many owners said their business to survive the pressure is not rising raw material prices, but low malicious peers competition, a considerable part of the market eroded by malicious competitors, resulting in non-woven bags of quality, price, sales volume far less than the plastic limit well before expected.
Because of low barriers to entry non-woven bags, woven bags production factory so just a simple fight between the price of raw materials to make a fuss (for example, by adding the non-woven processing cheap calcium carbonate), rpet bag a well-known bags production company said helplessly, "Our high-quality, low requirements of the market laughed at."
On the other hand, low-level, low-cost non-woven bags, reusable shopping bags also has its own market demand. Most "non-woven bags" is not used for promotion and publicity of environmental protection concept, but for businesses in the form of promotional products, so the pursuit of low cost has become an inevitable trend; only consider the aesthetic, advertising effects, do not pay attention to the use of the customer experience , environmental factors, and this is the quality of non-woven bags reasons for the decline; manufacturers have complained that the production of bags, "bags we do not only see the front of the interests of manufacturers, the price is high, thick fabric that customers do not choose, What are we to do. "
In the number of manufacturers now produce bags far more than the market demand situation, competition among suppliers is more intense, the pursuit of lower prices as demand-side non-woven bags first choice, reusable bags often overlooked point is that business proper environmental responsibilities. I believe that a conscientious, thoughtful bags manufacturers in the production of environmentally friendly plastic bags, woven bags in the face of price and quality choice, should be adhering to environmental responsibility, to provide good quality products, give full consideration to the use of consumer experience not blind for customers to reduce product quality and lower prices. Source: