For women, handbags can be said that the essential things of life. Handbag fashions every year is different, every person living in a different environment, handbags are not the same. People often notice the hands of star handbags, and clothing with the seasons is indeed a different environment changes. Bit of Science from the perspective of feng shui, handbag selection is appropriate, in respect of not just your decent and generous, more importantly, about your fortune. Therefore, women buy handbags, they should pay attention to some of the principles of feng shui.
Each woman has their own likes and color on numerology, so your handbag like to use with your color match, at least relative to student relationship, not a broken relationship with grams. Suppose you like to use numerology green, then you do not have the best red handbag (vent green), yellow (phase g), other colors are available. If you are wearing clothes the color is like to use with your own color match numerology, is the relationship with students, then you can use other colors of the bag, because the color is the main color clothes, handbags just embellishment.
Handbag styles vary almost every year, every season is different. However, regardless of how changes in your handbag style is not too big,
nonwoven bags not too large handbag, it becomes a bag. Is a good shoulder bag or hand carry the good? Those who like to use colors consistent with their handbags, you can be bold and brave shoulders and back; rather than phase-student relationship for handbag, you can hand carry. So, in order to reign on the weaknesses of Science. If you are a fan of the little black dress, choose this striking purple or pink color of the handbag is a good choice.
Handbag in addition to color-match with its own hi, there are style issues. Different occasions to wear clothes of different styles and colors,
rpet bag which is almost every woman to know. However, whether the distinction between their own bag had occasion? Some of my friends tend to ignore this problem: work, dinner, talks, travel, or even go shopping, to the vegetable market is not divided handbags, this is quite bad. Usually use the small bag for formal occasions, as in line with bit of Science on the Goldwater-student relationship. For example, you want dinner, you can put as long as cash, credit cards, cell phone, keys, lipstick, mirror a small handbag, you can move forward with ease rushed to a dinner party.
If the cocktail party and dance, remember that evening and handbag to a reasonable match. You mean this is not the time, cheap style from head to toe and may even make you lose confidence. Superior workmanship and quality are high-end handbag is your choice,
non woven bag china you can choose the material silk, velvet, patent leather, beaded fabric, and so on. If want to do more long-term investment, you can choose black or a metallic color.
If you are a frequent visitor to the club and the PUB,
recycle bag select the more inexpensive handbags are more practical, at least you do not worry if you have lost so much loss, of course, this does not mean the choice is not an informal occasion handbag important. The most basic principle: This bag should be able to, and at least three more clothes with them. A material particular, eye-catching packet can make your body are dazzling together. Source: