Speaking of glutathione, may be a lot of people don't know well, glutathione is good reductant, in fact it consists of three kinds of amino acid composition, have a strong oxidation resistance, can restrain melanin, thus make cool-headed pigment minus fade out or disappear.

The Glutathione’s main physiological function is anti-free radical, anti-aging, resistance to oxidation. The body produces too much free radical metabolism will damage the biological membrane, invade life macromolecules and the body to promote the aging, and the induced tumor or hardening of the arteries produce. Research by glutathione supplier show that glutathione can eliminate free radical, can play strong protection. Glutathione not only can eliminate the human body free radicals, still can enhance human immunity. It can not only improve blood, manufacturing protection material function (protection material can refer to protect the body from infection material), at the same time, also can reduce the body inflammation material total content, these inflammation matter is out of the system by the cell. GSH in the old man slowly change of cells in the efficacy of play than young people. Therefore, for the aging of the immune system, glutathione will remain, and brought them to health.

Glutathione have a strong protection for radiation and radioactive drugs caused by the leucocyte reduce wait for a symptom, Glutathione can enter human body and toxic compound, heavy metal ion or carcinogenic substance and many other unifies, to promote its eduction body outside, play and detoxification.

As a pharmaceutical raw materials, glutathione can prevent oxidation hemoglobin, protect the sulfhydryl enzyme molecules - SH base, be helpful for enzyme activity of the play, and to restore the damage of enzyme molecules - SH base active function, make enzyme restore activity. Glutathione can also inhibit ethanol enroach on liver generated fatty liver.

Glutathione has many physiological functions and play an important role in the human body biochemical defense system. Glutathione can be used as the main component of medicament treatment of cataract. In recent years, the western scientists, especially Japanese scholars found that glutathione also have the function of inhibiting HIV. Glutathione is an essential nutrition supplements of pregnant women, it relates to the baby's body growth. Research shows that some pregnant women weak lack of protein, mainly is the lack of glutathione.

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