Preservatives are those associated with modern society and prosperous technological and economic development of the material, but in today's organic maintenance and environmental beauty trend, many skin care brands began to promote not add preservatives. What is the exactly effect of preservative about skin care? Let's talk about that.
What kind function of preservative? The main addition to the preservatives in addition also contains antibacterial antiseptic, skin care products contain many nutrients, in order not to produce these nutrients bacteria, skin care products cause deterioration of corruption, adding preservatives in skin care products, glutathione inhibit bacterial growth and production, avoid the phenomenon of cosmetic deterioration and maintain produce freshness and holding effect.
Preservatives in a wide range, divided into chemical preservatives, security and non-toxic organic preservatives preservatives. Most commonly seen is the chemical preservatives most commonly discussed is Parabens, now British scientists do for breast cancer cells in vivo study, benzoic acid found in the cell residues, suspected to be carcinogenic phenomenon of acid, but this is only the result of statistical , not used to compare normal tissue, tretinoin so it does not completely determine the benzoic acid esters according to the medical cause cancer. Therefore, dermatologists, the preservative is more likely to cause skin allergy cases only. In fact, a good anti-bacterial acid, irritating low, low price, it is widely used as preservatives in skin care products, cosmetics, but many topics and join to avoid Parabens benzoic acid derivatives, in fact, it is still not good for the skin.
In addition, some chemical species, a security is non-toxic preservatives, such as: three pears acid, three pears potassium, is a preservative, but relatively not toxic, do not harm the human body; vitamin E is preservative effect of many ingredients as the brand, astaxanthin because the vitamin E itself is anti-oxidants, skin care products to maintain itself so easily oxidized, is also often used as a preservative. Many brands to add organic plant extracts as natural preservatives, such as: tea tree oil type, with anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial effect, inhibiting bacterial growth, will not cause harm to humans, but also often see the market's natural preservative.
Perishable products due to general maintenance, it is difficult to achieve completely free of preservatives, so in order to avoid stimulating the skin, the choice of merchandise, recommended allergy products selection without adding preservatives or natural preservatives products, general skin choose chemical of non-toxic, organic and safe use of preservatives in skin care products. Source: