As China's development of fine chemicals by many objective conditions, especially in new areas is still in its infancy, so a larger gap with developed countries, mainly in the following areas: 1. Low level of production technology, technological level by the comprehensive national strength and the constraints of China's fine chemical production level is generally low, since there are still some cottage; in the production line, unit operations, product processing, etc. is still at the level of the 1970s, In many areas, such as functional resins, information chemicals, magnetic recording materials, fine ceramics, etc. is still in its infancy, some of the fundamental gap. 2. Less product variety, the total lack of poor quality, low-tech, slow updates fine chemical products, China was only about 40%, about 30,000 kinds of species, even in traditional industries such as dye product variety to meet only 50%, In many emerging industries is even more pronounced; in the aggregate, a number of important products have been imported; product quality in general and foreign countries there are obvious gaps, lack of serialization, a direct impact on performance. Therefore, the total supply side, China's foreign considerable dependent. 3. Corporate concentration is low, inefficient allocation of resources, Copper Chromite(CC) duplication of the total number of Chinese fine chemical industry 1.1 million homes, only 12 billion yuan output value (of which 60 billion of new areas of fine chemicals -700 million), the average sales far lower than abroad. On the whole, China is in the Fine Chemical few economies of scale, and serious overlapping. Therefore, the optimal allocation of resources, market coordination, research and development and other aspects of regulation are not suited to the current competition. 4. R & D input is not enough, business-centric technology innovation system only in its infancy in the fine chemical industry, the very existence of the gap between technology and economic issues, mainly in: technology resources are mostly concentrated in the independent research institutes and higher hospital school, the alienation from outside the firm, Lead Citrate separated from the outside of the main battlefield of economic construction, scientific and technological achievements into rate of only about 10%. independent innovation and technological progress institutions have not yet formed. Development investment is only about 1% more than the enterprise's own technological innovation capability is weak, most chemical companies, including fine chemical enterprises have yet to establish technology development institutions; providing technical services for the SME sector are inadequate. 5. Market development is not enough, not enough emphasis on application development, market development aspects rather weak Chinese fine chemical process development, application development, technical service is extremely weak, has become China's fine chemical development of one of the major constraints. The main performance is, in some areas, such as surface-active agent in the first large-scale production plant after the introduction of market development, resulting in a period of time device capability can not play, affect investment results. Inadequate development of derivative products, many products with a large gap between the level of foreign extension, it will affect market development, and economic constraints; fine chemicals suppliers product application technology is weak, the greater the gap between formula applied technology, applied technology services due attention. 6. Environmental pollution has become an important fine chemical constraints to the development of China fine chemical products including various types of intermediates in the production process a large amount of "waste", plus a small scale, dispersed production layout, increasing the difficulty and cost of governance has on the environment some impact protection. Along with the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, environmental pollution has become an important development of China's fine chemical constraints. Source: