We all know that drinking a glass or two of red wine a day is good for health. In fact, that is true. For the Frenchman diet study found that, despite their daily food contains large amounts of animal fat and butter, but fat diet-related incidence of heart disease is not so high, which has a certain relationship with the hibit of drinking red wine. That is very similar to the asian one day one pack of igarettes but little risk of lung cancer. This phenomenon is also considered a puzzling thing. The study found that women drink a day, men drink two glasses of wine a day is safe intake.

Scientists believe that red wine contains resveratrol play the role of prevention of heart disease. In many research reports of resveratrol supplier have referred to the resveratrol effect, prevention of diseases other than heart disease, but also involving other diseases such as cancer and diabetes. In addition, anti-aging ability of this compound is higher than other nutrients. The following are several anti-aging mechanism: DNA damage. Human cells suffered millions of attacks every day, which will undoubtedly lead to DNA damage or an error, while resveratrol contribute to healthy cell regeneration. In addition, it can determine whether the cells need to be replaced as a gene regulator. The cell mitochondria to produce energy will die, resveratrol helps to provide more energy to produce more mitochondria. Resveratrol itself can affect the process of cellular senescence of the first three, but can not affect the fourth protein aging mechanism. Scientists has found that the polyphenol resveratrol mixed than they are individually more effective, and can have an impact on the fourth mechanism.  

However, some researchers believe that it needs to drink 100 glasses of red wine to play the anti-aging effect, unless drunk, otherwise it is impossible to reach this number. Therefore, resveratrol nutritional supplements are considered to be the only way to get the daily requirement. However, most of these nutritional content of only 50% purity, and therefore is not able to anti-aging truly effective way.  

Natural foods that contain resveratrol usually only provide a small amount of this antioxidant, a cup of boiled peanuts contain a maximum of 0.32 to 1.28mg of a glass of red wine provides fewer, only 0.25 and 1.25mg. The resveratrol content of grapes, berries and other plants. And all fruits and vegetables have different nutrients. You to read the vitamin content is purely average, the actual ingestion of food containing the nutrients may be less. Understand why plants contain antioxidants and similar compounds, they begin to close to the truth. These are the natural defenses of plants to produce these substances against bacteria or fungi, to prevent the sun's ultraviolet radiation, and even to resist insects. For example, tea, coffee and cocoa plant contains caffeine is a natural insecticide.  

Logically, if the plants are protected from disease and insect damage, they will produce less natural defense mechanism. This also is to contain resveratrol in food vary considerably in composition. It is the antioxidants of grapes and other plants used to combat fungal and bacterial infections. Many farmers have other means of protection of plants, especially for large farms. Resveratrol red wine from Spain typically contain the highest content of 145 grams of red wine is far from the same amount of peanut or grape content is high, only 0.29 and 1.89mg.  

The resveratrol as pharmaceutical raw material in the nutritional supplements is relatively high, this source of resveratrol whether can be normal absorpted of by blood is doubtful. The researchers tested for drinking after changes in blood in a glass of wine and the intake of nutritional supplements. In both cases, the amount of resveratrol in the blood did not change significantly. Some natural health advocates believe that people should eat more natural food to increase resveratrol, and avoid nutritional supplements. But most people rely solely on the diet, nutritional supplements, it is difficult to get all the vitamins and minerals. In addition, there are many chinese medicines and plant extracts help to maintain good health, prevent life-threatening diseases.  

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