Eye fatigue is a common disease of eye, it is caused by dry eyes, eye astringent, eye soreness, blurred vision and even vision loss which directly affects people in working and living. When we concentrate to see the computer screen in usually, the eyes blink is reduced which resulting in tears secretion corresponding decrease, at the same time flashing screen is strongly irritating to the eyes caused visual fatigue. It will lead to corresponding parts of the neck, shoulder pain, but also lead to nuclear aggravate a variety of eye disease.

Commonly those have visual fatigue are: computer users, students, drivers, who often reading books, or watching television, the eyes often fatigue, itching, dryness, young people who often in outdoor sports, and who accepted the myopic lasik surgery.

Senior nutrition experts recommend that visual fatigue should actively supplement beneficial to the eyes of nutrients, thus preventing further serious fatigue and lead to the occurrence of eye disease. In addition to β-carotene is the most common seductive nutrients, nutrition experts  expecially introduce to the people who care about eyes that the latest seductive functional components - astaxanthin.

Nine clinical studies conducted in Japan and other countries show that the daily 4 mg astaxanthin (rain pluvialis extract) continued to consume four weeks, 46% of the test are the main eye fatigue alleviate; those who use visual monitor the test subject eye fatigue by a big margin reduction; can reduce eye pain, dry eye and eye fuzzy symptoms. If buy astaxanthin and get the consumption of 6-12 mg in daily the effect will be better.

In addition to the treatment drug was identified as eye fatigue, astaxanthin may also have eye fatigue prevention role. A clinical trial of eye health, no signs of fatigue of the population were studied, the results show whether it is taking the the astaxanthin test the main test subject or the placebo group, only will appear in the intensity of visual stimuli under the premise eye fatigue, and the results found that the use of astaxanthin in the experimental group recovered faster. Obviously, natural astaxanthin healthy people can prevent eye fatigue status (Takahashi and Kajita, 2005).

The mechanism of action of astaxanthin on the eye: to improve the retinal blood flow, inhibit inflammation of the eye, and adjust the visual sensitivity. Astaxanthin to reduce or prevent eye fatigue principle of diversification. Of course, astaxanthin antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which on the one hand. Astaxanthin is by inhibition of nitric oxide synthase inhibition of inflammation of the eye occurred (Ohgami et al, 2003); study also astaxanthin super antioxidant activity but also to prevent the rat's eye cataracts (Wu , et al, 2002). Astaxanthin comfortable retinal blood circulation also played a role.

With the eye of the worldwide scientific research, visual fatigue syndrome is expected to be completely resolved. However, astaxanthin has been able to resolve about 50% of these patients the weal and woe, the effect is far stronger than lutein and blueberry anthocyanin factors, the effect of astaxanthin on the eye is 200 times that of lutein, which is 150 times the anthocyanins. It is certain that astaxanthin can relieve eye ciliary muscle of the long-term under pressure to help improve the focusing function of the eye, in addition, cosmetic raw material natural astaxanthin can also improve blood circulation within the eye, prompting more nutrients delivered to the ciliary body and retina, thereby significantly improving the visual fatigue syndrome.