Hair loss is caused by many factors. Among them, a genetic factor has become the most direct solids. In some family members have very similar hair types: sparse hair that progressive occurs from the forehead on both sides and top of the head. This alopecia genetic is called as male baldness. Genetic alopecia is difficult to treat, because the gene has already decided everything. However, most of men are not so unfortunately. Their hair loss is often caused by acquired factors. As long as to be able to promptly find the reason and treated it, it is possible for their hair growing back. There are many hair loss drugs on the market today. Among them, minoxidil is one kind of most effective drugs.

A lot of the occurrences of skin or hair loss are related with eating habits. The seeds of some plants, heavy metals, excess vitamin A can lead to hair loss. Even more frightening is that they may cause chronic damage to the body. The hair loss is sometimes a representation of the internal body conditions reflect. The endocrine system diseases often affect hair growth. Such as hyperthyroidism can cause hair loss. The same time, it will be accompanied by some other change in the body, such as sweating, palpitations, emotional irritability. The occurrence of similar symptoms to the hospital to do a comprehensive inspection, effective control of thyroid function, so that the lost hair grows back. When serious illness or high fever a few days later, you may find the hair, this is a temporary phenomenon. It may also spread to other parts of his body hair. However, with the rehabilitation and strong of body functions, the hair will gradually grow.

Receive long-term X-ray radiation exposure, and will accelerate the male hair loss. Long been engaged in radiation medicine doctors are also not spared. It will not only bring disaster to his hair, but also pose a great threat to his health. The protection of scientific, strict isolation and the necessary rest and adjustment is the key to prevention.

In many cases, hair loss is because of its excessive repair. Such as repeated perm, frequent power blowing, or use inferior products. Adequate sleep at any time to ensure that the first element of the quality of hair. A good rest is the best hair tonic. Lack of sleep, even if less than serious point of hair loss, and also make the hair look lack luster, or not enough fluffy. To remind him not in the nervous always nervous to involve their own hair, the shower, the water temperature is not too high, not to it and rubs the hair. Hair in the wet state is most likely to suffer. But do not have to because of fear of hair loss, and dare not touch the hair. Because the accumulation of dirt, dandruff, dust, will stimulate the scalp, caused by inflammation, so that the hair loss.

The main component of hair is sulfur-containing amino acids. It should be ensured that daily intakes are rich in amino acids, protein, vitamin B and vitamin A food. Currently, the most effective cosmetic raw material in treatment of male hair loss is undoubtedly the minoxidil. Male hair loss can use the topical minoxidil. After some months, it will be effective.Source: