China's domestic Spanish-American professional market research information released the latest "China white biotechnology research and forecast report" in June this year. The report analyzes the biological products industry, biofuels industry, bio-based fine chemicals, bio-based chemical and biological materials industry development trend and new product LDA, starch-based materials, PPC and other white biotechnology, the latest technological advances of new products, policies and regulations related to renewable raw materials in China and supply of planting, and nearly 30 major white biotechnology and white biotechnology products and related biomass materials, such as food crops, non-grain crops, vegetable oil, Copper Chromite(CC) wood fiber materials, future prospects, business opportunities and bottlenecks were predicted. Historical data updated to 2010, forecast to 2020.
The report notes that white biotechnology (industrial biotechnology) is called, following red biotechnology (medical biotechnology) and green biotech (agriculture biotechnology) after the third wave of biotechnology. It also has social, economic characteristics and meet environmental requirements, is the world's most promising new technologies.
In the past two decades, China has always attached great importance to the development of white biotechnology industry. Chinese government has taken various measures, including incentives and tax benefits subsidy, to meet the product supply and demand, China's white biotechnology has achieved rapid development, especially bio-energy and chemical industry, for example, China has consolidated and strengthened the third largest ethanol producer and second largest producer of chemicals position.
According to the latest statistics of the Spanish-American message data: in 2010 China's bio-based fine chemicals market value reached $ 7.4 billion, roughly the entire China market value of white biotechnology industry 40%, which is China's largest white biotechnology sub- the industry.
Studies have shown that: for white biotechnology, China has completed the engineering strain, fermentation process optimization, immobilized enzyme and cell technology, separation and extraction technology, and optimization of bioreactors and other major technology breakthrough. Chinese fermentation and high-value low-volume product biocatalysis technology in the past few decades a great success.
The development of technology, significantly increased the number of products, expansion of production scale, white biotechnology in China's main product is a traditional fermented products, such as enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids,Triphenyl Bismuth starch derivatives, emerging white biotechnology products, glycolic fatty acid ester ,1,3-PDO and microalgae diesel. Technology based on past successful experience, more white biotechnology products in the future will be more commercial.
Spanish-American information researcher Zhang Xingjiang said: With the "five-second" period, the Chinese government on strategic efforts to support emerging industries continued to increase, China's development of white biotechnology industry will be more soon, and will create more value greater social benefits. Source: