Recently, many consumers find that in addition to price, even more distressing is the concept in many cosmetics brands determining which products. From a market point of view, essential oils, Cosmetics material, without adding other new concepts will also accelerate the selling.

FANCL from Japan in 2007 made a good market performance, more importantly, a group of Japanese brands to Chinese consumers without adding no added spread the idea that there is no added fragrance in cosmetics, alcohol, preservatives is not conducive to skin health ingredients.

In addition, the original market share is extremely small drug store brand has become more active and plump up. API supplier Insiders pointed out that in the Japanese market, drug store has a very mature market, it is estimated that in China, the market in 2010 than in 2003 increased more than 10 times.

Last year, Japan's second-largest cosmetics brand Kanebo's freeplus enter the Chinese market, astaxanthin the drug store brands more popular. At present, the pattern of drug store brands more diversified, France Avene, La Roche-Posay, Vichy, freeplus pass a drug store brands such as sensitive, fragile skin care specifically designed for security concept.

It is worth mentioning that the concept of hot oil. The essential oils skin care program from abroad last year, biotin a number of main oil skin care body care brand mass marketing to Chinese consumers are keen to study the role of essential oils and skin care. According to Baidu for the third quarter of 2007 to retrieve data related to cosmetic summary statistics found that: Internet users are most concerned about are the top three of types of skin care mask, eye cream and essential oils. Meanwhile, the oil brand in the category of concern by users of natural skin care / health brand family activity on the list are also listed in first place.

In general, the concept of constantly updated with the beauty, the use of materials from natural, chemical-free ingredients may cause irritation of cosmetics are being more and more attention.

Cosmetics, consumer misunderstanding exists

Experts pointed out that Chinese consumers in the consumption of cosmetics there are errors: on the one hand, Chinese consumers blindly favor foreign brands, so cosmetics market is almost completely monopolized by foreign brands the situation; the other hand, most consumers look cosmetics short-term effect, do not pay attention to the care from the inside out.

It is reported that Chinese cosmetics market glutathione in the current on the high-end market fundamentals have been monopolized by foreign companies, L'Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Shiseido, several international giants of the potential formation of oligopolistic competition. Meanwhile, foreign cosmetics group through the establishment of joint ventures and acquisitions of local enterprises, and gradually occupied the low-end market.

Industry experts said that although the local cosmetics companies have made considerable progress, there has been Herborist some of the more well-known brands, but can not really compete with foreign brands.

In addition, experts believe that the current consumer spending on cosmetics too much emphasis on short-term cosmetic effect, that a good cosmetic skin condition quickly improved, but in fact the skin condition must daily skin care and cosmetics in the role of active ingredients to progressively improve so acquired can not be profit-oriented care.

The normal metabolic cycle point of view from the epidermis, minoxidil effective cosmetics generally go through one to two months before the issue of security is not ideal to improve the skin, and are generally short-term effective to add a banned cosmetic ingredients. Although the skin rapidly within a few days to "improve", but is likely to cause serious skin disease. Future reasonable scientific concept of beauty should be "Oral topical" comprehensive care.

Experts said that, in general, cosmetic effects play a major role is one of the active ingredients, cosmetics, and now consumers have knowledge and understanding of the principle of effectiveness is also insufficient, so the market can easily be misled by the concept of a variety of cosmetics .

It is reported that research on access to the main source of active ingredients including chemical organic synthesis, animals, plants, genetic engineering, marine biology. Which by chemical and organic synthesis for the active ingredient of cosmetics is cosmetic pre-main directions of research, but because people of non-natural chemical additives awareness of the negative effect of more and more common, it began to reject such cosmetics. Active ingredient extracted from the animals once a hot spot within the industry, tretinoin but the existence of homologous animal diseases potentially harmful to human presence in Europe mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease after the storm, research in this area dealt a major blow. Genetic engineering research is one of the main directions. But bio-engineering techniques to obtain the active ingredients, like genetically modified foods and cosmetics are facing the same problem, the human genes for biological hazard potential of this technology can not be adequately assessed. Marine life is also great hope of mankind's area, because many varieties of marine life, inexhaustible. However, human understanding of marine life is far less than terrestrial organisms, coupled with the easy accessibility of marine resources, which greatly limits the development of this area.