Coated glass is coated on the glass surface of one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound film to change the optical properties of glass, to meet certain requirements.
Coated glass according to the different characteristics of products can be divided into the following categories: heat-reflective glass, low-emissivity glass (Low-E), conductive film glass. Heat-reflective glass is usually coated on one or more layers of glass, such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel and other metals or their compounds formed film, zinc oxide the product was rich in color, appropriate for the visible light transmittance of the infrared has a higher reflectivity, high absorption of UV radiation, therefore, also known as solar control glass, mainly for construction and glass curtain wall; Low-E glass is coated on the glass surface by a multi-layer silver, copper or other metals or their compounds composed of tin thin-film system, the product has high visible light transmittance of the infrared has a high reflectivity, good insulation properties, mainly for construction and automotive, marine and other modes of transport, due to poor film strength, general are made of hollow glass used; conductive film glass is coated on the glass surface of the conductive film such as indium tin oxide, glass can be used for heating, defrost, defog and as liquid crystal displays, etc.; coated glass production methods are many, There are vacuum magnetron sputtering, vacuum evaporation, chemical vapor deposition and sol - gel method. Magnetron sputtering using magnetron sputtering technology of glass design and manufacture of complex multi-layer coating, in white coating on the glass substrate a variety of colors, corrosion resistant coating and better wear resistance, neodymium fluoride is the production and one of the most used products. Vacuum evaporation coating glass variety and quality compared with magnetron sputtering coated glass are some gaps, has gradually been replaced by vacuum sputtering. Chemical vapor deposition method is a float glass production line in the hot reaction gases pass into the glass surface of the decomposition of uniformly deposited on the glass surface coated glass. The method is characterized by the device into a small, easy to control, low product cost, chemical stability, nickel oxide thermal processing can be carried out, is the most promising production methods. Sol - gel coated glass production process is simple, stability Ye Hao, the downside is the product of light transmittance is too high, less decorative.
Coated glass is the most widely used heat-reflective glass and Low-E glass. Basically, the use of vacuum magnetron sputtering and chemical vapor deposition two production methods. More well-known international vacuum magnetron sputtering equipment manufacturer BOC companies of the United States and Germany Leybold company, chemical vapor deposition of well-known manufacturer Pilkington (UK) companies. Source: