As the other chemical products, the production of fine chemical products as raw materials can be divided into pre-processing, chemical reaction, product separation, co-purification of three stages. Fine chemical production process is characterized by: the chemical reactions involved, determines the production of multi-step; chemical products but also through the commercialization process, and users can meet.
One of the characteristics of fine chemical products is more complex chemical structure, provide the chemical structure of the material too simple,
Copper Chromite(CC) and the lack of chemical reactivity, which requires the introduction of a chemical reaction by the chemical reactivity of the structure, known as chemical functional groups, through The chemical reactions of functional groups to gradually change the chemical structure, making the performance of a specific fine chemical products. common, basic chemical reactions: nitration, sulfonation, oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis, acidification, esterification, condensation, alkylation, milling and so on. The law of selection of raw materials by chemical reaction, the reaction will be composed of appropriate order necessary to achieve the purpose. To achieve the above reactions, but also related to the use of inorganic chemicals (such as sulfuric acid, chlorine, soda ash, etc.) and various types of catalyst.
In the fine chemical products long production process, some basic processing of raw materials from the product, such as benzene nitrobenzene,
Triphenyl Bismuth can be used as a series of producing raw materials or products of different industries, but it still has the ultimate product performance, but the stage production or semi-finished products, known as organic intermediates, referred to as intermediate. Divided according to chemical structure, there are benzene, naphthalene and other intermediates; by industry with dye intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates. Intermediates in the production of fine chemicals intermediate links, can be derived from a variety of many different properties of fine chemical products. To develop fine chemical products, we must vigorously develop the middle of production, otherwise difficult to achieve expansion of product variety. A larger amount of intermediate product should not be distributed, not only the demand for a product with an intermediate plant.
In order to purify the product, generally using a variety of separation techniques such as distillation, extraction, crystallization, filtration, etc. In addition to GM, prototype devices, but also using a variety of special equipment. To prevent corrosion of equipment, materials, must be corrosion resistant materials. By raw materials, products, flammability, toxicity and other different workshops should fire, anti-virus. Therefore, production safety, labor protection,
Lead Citrate great attention must be called Fine Chemical Plant work. Intermittent production of fine chemical products, production processes and more, and the technical characteristics and operation of different processes, thus requiring higher skills. This is a fine chemical technology-intensive reflection.
Chemical production of fine chemical products are generally not used directly. To meet the users (especially consumer) demand, the need to commercialize the product, which is the most important compound. By compound-specific features when the outstanding product, the auxiliary functional. Future market competition,
fine chemicals suppliers will not depend entirely on the purity of the product, is likely to be the overall performance of the product, compound in this respect will have an important role. Daily with powder detergent, for example, the compound added to fill a variety of additives to increase the solubility, soft water, stable foam, anti-caking, with whitening, bleaching function. Some enzyme preparations to facilitate the removal of some stains on clothes; some added softener, antistatic agents, spices. Sometimes more than the total weight of detergent additive itself. Compound can be formed by the unique style of products, (such as baby, disinfection), to improve the value-added products have an important role. Source: