The rapid prototyping technology of metal powder is a advanced manufacturing technology which including computer-aided design, laser cladding, rapid prototyping, and it is the traditional processing methods of forming an important supplement. This paper systematically describes the metal powder the principle of laser rapid prototyping, system components and the latest research, and its development prospect.
Rapid prototyping technology is developed since 1987 an advanced manufacturing technology. The technology was originally used to make foundry model was developed to manufacture prototype parts, mainly used for model or part of the visual inspection, the key is to ask the exact shape, and mechanical properties of the requirements is not too high, materials used in forming There are liquid photosensitive resin, wax, paper, alternative materials. Currently, the U.S., Japan, Germany have successively developed a variety of rapid prototyping technologies such as liquid photosensitive resin curing, manganese powder fused deposition modeling, solid manufacturing laminated, layered curing, selective laser sintering, 3D jet printing technology. The technology does not require any hard work in the case of mold can be designed directly from the computer to create three-dimensional solid parts in machinery manufacturing and other fields has been widely used.
In recent years, rapid prototyping technology with new development, has begun in the metal materials, ceramic materials are applied on the preparation, the main goal is to quickly produce to meet the performance of the dense metal parts. The traditional method of forming rapid prototyping of metal parts, the use of resin-coated metal powder as a raw material, by laser scanning to melt the resin with metal powder consolidation; binder jet method can be applied to loose metal powder stick form type. After the molding after debonding, plastic infiltration, low melting point metal or copper to be strengthened, boron powder made of inserts used in plastic injection mold and die casting mold. If after debonding by hot isostatic processing can also be made of dense metal parts, but it is difficult to ensure the dimensional accuracy of parts. At present, the metal parts of the rapid prototyping method are indirect laser sintering, direct laser sintering and spray droplet deposition, which is the direct laser sintering rapid preparation of dense metal parts of the main technical.
Direct laser metal powder mainly by the rapid prototyping system software, laser, CNC systems and workstations, powder conveying systems and equipment to protect the atmosphere composition. Software system includes modeling, data processing and process monitoring part 3. Modeling software components responsible for the completion of three-dimensional CAD design, and generate / STL file format, the current RP modeling software used by the main Pro / E, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, etc., rapid prototyping can also use CT, MRI scans and three-dimensional data digital system to create the model data; data processing software is responsible for the data model of the STL file for diagnostic testing and repair, interpolation, display, metal powder supplier slicing to complete the outline of the bias, scan path generation, optimization of filling lines, supporting the generation of and adding processing parameters; process monitoring software for data processing numerical information generated by the control of movement of the forming system, complete the molding manufacturing process. Source: