With the aging of population, product which promotes the health of the elderly in the past two decades has developed rapidly. And because the expecting the standard of living environment raising and productivity improvements, anti-aging market is expanding. In a huge amount of market information, important, true manuals of the product are extremely important. For scientific evidence, resveratrol is no stranger to stand in the nutritional products industry and anti-aging field.

The study found that resveratrol has a wide range of benefits and sublingual have a greater bioavailability than oral. The study found that sublingual administration of trans-resveratrol glucuronidation with greater plasma metabolite concentrations. Sublingual administration directly into a vein and then entered the blood circulation, to overcome the oral administration of the digestive system and liver first pass effect of resveratrol.

Although there are much resveratrol and other polyphenols in the red wine, people can not get enough resveratrol with moderate consumption red wine. This directly contributed to the study of medicine and nutritional products company and the development of pure, stable product in order to achieve useful content. For the past three years, resveratrol has entered the 10 anti-aging product development, and will continue to conduct research.

For the point that use resveratrol alone can anti-aging, there are mainly three explanations, caloric restriction, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Calorie restriction, which is defined to maintain the purpose of body heat necessary to achieve health through the absorption of caloric restriction, glutathione and resveratrol. In animal and human clinical studies, metabolism tends to reduce the energy metabolism and protein biosynthesis and transport. Okinawa has the largest proportion of centenarians in the world. Their dietary intake is similar to the dietary type of heat control therapy. Resveratrol can simulate the activity of silent information factor to extend the life span of yeast and Drosophila. The mechanism of mitochondria is still not clear, but resveratrol can control mitochondrial energy production, which is similar to the heat control therapy.

The accumulation of oxidative free radicals can not only apparent destruction of cell structure, it will also promote the oxidation of protein transport, thereby undermining the balance between free radicals and internal antioxidants. Resveratrol is a polyphenol, not only has antioxidant properties, but also enhance the effect of synergy with other flavonoids and polyphenols. Severe and chronic inflammatory reaction that produces a series of reactions, resulting in tissue damage and cell death. A large number of studies have shown that oxidation is a major factor causing inflammation. Resveratrol and chia seed can maintain the dynamic equilibrium of the redox reaction, so as to control the occurrence of inflammatory factors.

The scientific evidence on resveratrol and the continuous scientific research for resveratrol provides a broad application space. Resveratrol can have a variety of ways entering into the body and its product formulations are also very extensive. The scope of its use has expanded from the typical application of cream, lotion, cosmetics and facial mask to the functional food and drinks, including chewing gum, sweet biscuits, fruit snacks, mixed fruit products, tea products, pre-packaged powder products and sports beverages. The manufacturer is also considering the development of pure extract supplements and other delivery systems, such as suppositories, transdermal drug delivery plaster and intranasal spray administration. Aging is combing with a variety of factors. We can not simply regard aging as a disease. Aging is a natural biological process. But nutrition has important benefits to promote healthy older lives.Source:http://www.cospcn.com