No matter what kind of cosmetics are from a variety of chemical compositions, and these chemical components, some of the hidden infestation of harmful substances in the skin, these chemical constituents have a direct irritant to the skin, may cause skin sensitivity, pigmentation, acne, even worse, there may be hazardous to their health, and even cancer, API supplier so we must have such a clear understanding of composition, to prevent injuries.

Ingredients A: Alcohol

Alcohol has two fatal weaknesses, so that we can not long-term large-scale use. First, alcohol is highly volatile, and when the evaporation of moisture away from your skin will make the skin dry. Second, higher concentrations of alcohol decomposition are strong, in the decomposition of facial fat, minoxidil it would also damage the skin's own water quality film, sensitive skin to become fragile, and even keratin degeneration. Therefore, the dry season using alcoholic must pay special attention to skin care products.

Ingredients II: salicylic acid (abbreviated BHA)

Initial use of products containing salicylic acid, like peeling the skin feeling music shell eggs, tender and slippery, in fact, the reason is very simple, salicylic acid has a clear role in skin aging. However, updated every 28 days skin cells, glutathione excessive removal of the stratum corneum, the skin of the defense will be worse, possible erythema, itching, tingling, or allergies, so the use of salicylic acid need to be careful, it is best to avoid contact with eyes, face , genital and mucous membranes. There will occur a few symptoms of allergy to salicylic acid, suitable for use on any concentration of salicylic acid.

Component III: acid (referred to as AHA)

Acid acid is mainly used to make your skin thinner, and thus astaxanthin play a immediate impact of whitening and exfoliating effects. While in use when the effect is obvious, but soon you will find the skin becomes thin and sensitive, serious look to see even under the skin capillaries. And strong acid photosensitive morning with tan skin are particularly vulnerable.

Ingredients Four: mercury and its compounds

Mercury and its compounds as cosmetic ingredients in banned chemicals, but often a number of informal workshops to small cosmetic whitening, whitening and freckle products. If long-term use of these products, mercury and its compounds can enter the body through the skin barrier all the organs and tissues, injury to the body, especially the kidneys, liver and spleen damage maximum, thereby undermining the activity of enzyme systems, the protein coagulation, tissue necrosis, resulting in fatigue, weakness, lethargy, apathy, emotional instability, headache, dizziness, tremors and other symptoms, tretinoin but also with levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, white blood cell count decreased, liver damage, in addition There peripheral sensory loss, concentric narrowing field of vision, hearing impairment and Masonic movement disorders and so on.

Ingredients V: Arsenic and its compounds

Arsenic and its compounds are considered carcinogenic, long-term use of cosmetics material can cause high arsenic dermatitis, pigmentation and other skin diseases, eventually leading to skin cancer. Arsenic and its compounds poisoning mainly peripheral nerve inflammation, such as pain in the limbs, difficulty walking, muscle atrophy, brittle hair is easy to fall off, a high degree of skin pigmentation calm, and may even be transformed into skin cancer.

Ingredients Six: Lead and its compounds

Lead and its compounds are often added to hair dye, in accordance with state regulations, the content of lead in hair products must be less than 0.6% (Pb dollars), or will cause side effects. Lead and its compounds absorbed through the skin, may be hazardous to human health, particularly affecting the hematopoietic system, nervous system, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, reproductive system, cardiovascular, immune and endocrine systems, for pregnant women, may also affect the fetus of health.