With the raw material prices, the Chinese-nitrochlorobenzene loss has reached its highest level. Present to produce 1 ton, at least loss of $ 600. Face on the loss of production, does not produce the embarrassment of missing the market, some companies bite the bullet and lose money earned fame, launched brutal price war, the prices getting lower and lower. With lower demand continues to shrink, companies gradually inventory backlog, nitrochlorobenzene become a hot potato.
This year, domestic prices had fallen nitro chlorobenzene, Lead Citrate nitro chlorobenzene, o-nitrochlorobenzene price at 3,000 yuan / ton and 4,000 yuan / ton, hovering, and the historical high in 2003 (nitrochlorobenzene in 5000 ~ 6000 yuan / ton, o-nitrochlorobenzene in 7000 ~ 8000 yuan / ton) compared to almost be cut.
At present, China Pesticide Industry demand for nitrochlorobenzene 5 million tons each year, accounting for 13.2% of total demand. Since 1605 China has banned use of high-toxic pesticide product, its demand will be reduced nitrochlorobenzene about 2 million tons. Also, many upstream and downstream enterprises because the use of iron, sodium sulfide or hydrazine reduction synthesis of high pollution, but was forced to close, 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid but also to the demand for decreasing nitrochlorobenzene. In addition, the EU Chemicals Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction (REACH) regulations to implement, so that the dye, pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates and other traditional industries have been seriously affected, exports will lead to their limited demand greatly nitrochlorobenzene shrunk. In addition, as the domestic alternative to nitro chlorobenzene nitrobenzene was synthesized Aminodiphenylamine successful development of clean technology, nitrochlorobenzene line will gradually be eliminated, but also makes nitrochlorobenzene in the rubber chemicals sector consumption will be significantly reduced.
As many domestic producers nitrochlorobenzene by simply expanding the production scale to increase market competitiveness, resulting in increasingly fierce market competition, cumulative effect. Since 2003, a few years, Sinopec Nanjing Chemical Company, Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd., Bengbu Bayi Chemical Industry Group Company three companies rapidly expand production capacity, annual production capacity of 420,000 tons, accounting for 50% of global production capacity of more than. At present, total production capacity reached 600,000 tons / year, with the shrinking demand and industry growth, huge market risk and worries appear year after year. As the product of serious profits shrink have cut a number of small businesses closed.
Herd has been blind for many companies suffered the consequences. Recommends that companies take to extend the industrial chain of the road, hoping the petrochemical-related industry organizations to actively guide the industry down to nitrochlorobenzene derivatives to support the development of fine chemicals, fine chemicals suppliers to achieve large-scale installations nitrochlorobenzene, downstream synthesis intermediates and derivatives fine green chemical series, gentrification, the fastest speed to change the long-term oversupply situation nitro chlorobenzene, nitro chloro benzene lead China by the rapid development of the industry to develop healthily. Source:http://www.mhcfm.com