Tretinoin is a group of compounds which has similar chemical structures with vitamin A. It is divided into two kind of natural and synthetic. Medicinal tretinoin is chemically synthesized. Since the tretinoin is put into markets, a large number of clinical data shows that it has a very good efficacy in many skin diseases and psoriasis. The cosmetic raw material suppliers have a lot of research works in psoriasis treatment and its functional mechanism.

By using a variety of retinoic acid in experimental treatment of various types of psoriasis, including all-trans retinoic acid, 13 cis retinoic acid, according to the song for the ester according to the song for the acid and the aromatic retinoic acid ethyl psoriasis efficacy is yes, and that according to a song for ester is one of the best drug of a single treatment of psoriasis treatment, generalized pustular and erythrodermic psoriasis effect best. However, oral administration is prone to have systemic side effects. So some people buy tretinoin to replace oral administration. Topical retinoic acid treatment in plaque psoriasis shows that retinoic acid may stimulate the local skin.

Some have argued that several drugs in combination therapy, both to receive faster and better efficacy, but also make a variety of drugs, a synergistic effect and to avoid the many adverse reactions. The main role of retinoic acid agents from the skin local, you can make psoriasis to keratosis excessive epidermal normalization of epidermal cell proliferation and differentiation activities returned to normal. From the body as a whole, can promote the differentiation of lymphocytes and monocytes, increased activation of phagocytic cells and epidermal geerhansi cells, Popular said, is to mobilize the whole immune system; and regulation of blood, urine and skin internal putrescine, the concentration of fine microphones and spermine, to bring it down, prompting the polyamine synthesis decreased the activity of people of normal metabolic processes of the body back to normal. So it achieves the purpose of psoriasis treatment.

Tretinoin drug are suitable in treatment of severe psoriasis, such as generalized hair pustular, erythrodermic, and joint psoriasis. Psoriasis vulgaris lesions heavier and impact of work and life, the other therapies ineffective retinoic acid treatment can be used. Large doses and long term use of these drugs may have systemic side effects. Therefore, cosmetic raw material suppliers remind that pregnant women, children and patients with hyperlipidemia, hepatitis and abnormal liver function should not use tretinoin.

The combination of tretinoin and cyclosporine A is used for controlling severe unstable psoriasis. The combination of two drugs is used at early period. When the condition is improved, the amount of cyclosporin A can be decreased or even discontinued. At that time, a small dose of tretinoin drugs can be used in therapy consolidation. It is worth noting that the tretinoin drugs can not cure psoriasis thoroughly. It can only control the symptoms and the symptoms often relapse after discontinuation of drugs. In Western developed countries, due to the medical insurance system and the work nature, these drugs are usually used in the treatment. But under Chinese national conditions and a variety of medicine treatments, the situation is different. The situations depend on tretionin’s side effects.