Surfactant as the main branch of fine chemicals, the scale of development in the world, especially Asia-Pacific region has steadily increased, the surface active agent in the global trend of steady growth for China's development and growth of related industries provide a good external environment, but because and developed countries in product mix and technological gap, the industry is also facing a severe test.

    As the surfactant in the field of industrial and civilian applications more widely,
Copper Chromite(CC) the variety and raised higher and higher performance requirements, the development of new varieties to meet the environmental needs and to find a surface-active properties of the compounds personality has become very important, the only way to make China's future in its rightful place in the field, which requires China's existing product structure adjustment, and to increase its efforts to conduct the field of new product development, increase the project of capacity.

    Surfactant Research for safety, gentle, easily biodegradable, and China in this area has just begun. To meet the international development trend, the need to form strong professional surfactant Engineering Research Center, systematic new product development and engineering research. As the surfactant product variety, wide range of applications, and because the foundation is weak in this area, China, involving also many problems to be solved, so first of all focus on the following problems:

    System development safe, gentle, easily biodegradable, has a special role of surfactants, to study the structure-activity relationships for new product development and application of theoretical basis.

    Focus on developing glycosidic surfactants,
Triphenyl Bismuth glycosides have more than one free hydroxyl groups, similar to the polyol, can develop a variety of alcohols, polyols and surfactants.

    System research and development of soybean lecithin surfactants, both surfactant phospholipids, there are biological activity, is of special surfactants, its applications has been extended to food, medicine, cosmetics and various industrial additives.

    Development of sucrose fatty acid ester products, sucrose fatty acid ester is 8-hydroxy sugar as hydrophilic,
Octylferrocene to replace the sugar hydroxy fatty acids as the hydrophobic part of the non-ionic surface active agent, is sucrose fatty acid ester exchange reaction with the formation of . In addition to single-ester, certain conditions can be generated diester and triester. Sucrose fatty acid ester can be used as food additive (emulsifier), with non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, readily biodegradable and other advantages, its power is not clean, but W / 0 emulsion, solubilization, foaming and other properties, and inhibit starch deposition and changes in the role of fat crystals.

    Production processes for existing products, to transform,
fine chemicals suppliers improve industrial safety, such as traditional mixing ethoxylation reactor explosion often the product of poor quality, it is necessary for technological transformation.

    Study of surfactant application in industrial catalysis, focusing on esterification, sulfonation, alkylation, nitration dedicated new, efficient, environmentally friendly catalyst for research and development to reduce industrial production costs. Source: