With the improvement of living standards, consumer demand for cosmetic quality is also rising, only a simple formula based skin care ingredients can no longer meet consumer demand, more and more cosmetic trend toward a more scientific, natural and effective direction development, cosmetics not only moisture, cleaning, moisturizing, sun protection, anti-wrinkle and skin care and so on, but also treatment, repair of the skin effect, skin is more young, natural, feel more delicate. Thus, in the field of modern cosmetic formulations, the active ingredients with a variety of effects and drug formulators more and more attention, and their applications are more and more widely. These active ingredients with a variety of effects and drug activity in the skin through the skin barrier with its ability to change, and the status and contact with skin conditions such as the contact area of ​​the size, timing and other closely related; In addition, as a cosmetics, skin and have a good feeling when used is also important that users be able to accept it is an important prerequisite. Both the composition and properties of the matrix and are closely related. Therefore, the formula of beauty cosmetic products they need to consider the activity of solvent, the matrix must allow the active ingredients through the stratum corneum, to promote the penetration of active substances. Some modern chemists with some theoretical and experimental medicine, the medicine was originally used in the carrier system, sustained-release philosophy and embedding technology in the field of personal care products to enhance the effectiveness of the product, improve product stability, prolong shelf life and improve product appearance.
AMD carrier is small size, particle size by a few hundred microns to several tens of nanometers, for loading, storage and transport of specific chemical substances, drugs into specific reaction zone into the body through the skin or tissue of a class of carriers in general. Many active ingredients to control the local delivery of ultra-carrier technology has been used in cosmetic production, given the excellent performance of cosmetics, the cosmetics industry to bring a traditional change.
Microemulsion is generally composed of water, oil, surfactant and emulsifier made, is a thermodynamically stable dispersion. The water in oil droplet was like can also be oil in water was like. In cosmetic formulations, O / W microemulsion application of more W / O microemulsion widely. Microemulsion compared with ordinary emulsion, with special properties: interfacial tension is small, usually 10.5 ~ 10.9N / m, good solubilization; micelle particles is very small, a diameter of about 10 ~ 100nm, easy to penetrate the skin ; thermodynamically more stable, can form spontaneously, without outside to provide energy, high-speed centrifugal separation does not occur by delamination; appearance of transparent or nearly transparent. Therefore, the development of micro-emulsion cosmetics very rapidly in many areas of cosmetics has been a very good application, very broad market prospects. In recent years, astaxanthin cosmetic and efficacy of cosmetic actives and drug use increased, while the general structure of the drug actives and more complex, the solubility of the smaller, the need to reach a certain concentration to be effective, solubilization by micro-emulsion, the active ingredient can improve and the stability and effectiveness of drugs.
Liposomes are formed by a lipid bilayer molecules of the hollow ball. Lipid molecules with hydrophilic groups and lipophilic groups, when they are dispersed in water, the lipophilic groups combined with each other in the middle of film, film-forming hydrophilic groups arranged in inner and outer surfaces, spontaneously form a layer of hollow molecules ball, the diameter of 50 ~ 500nm. In the middle of the ball can be loaded hydrophilic components, glutathione and can be loaded in the bilayer membrane of fat-soluble components of the middle. Various lipids and lipid mixtures can be used for preparation of liposomes, and phospholipids are the most commonly used, such as lecithin from organisms, serine, and sphingomyelin and phospholipid synthesis Dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline, two such as stearoyl phosphatidyl choline.
Is satisfied to trust the company Ciba invented in 1998 a new, ultra-stable cosmetic actives carrier is assisted by the lecithin and surfactants, to a certain percentage of single-layer membrane structure consisting of nano- colloid, the average particle size of 25nm. Care through the stratum corneum can be satisfied and rate the chances are much higher than ordinary liposomes, which can be coated to carry active ingredients deep until it reaches the skin play a role in dermal tissue. Glucose is stable, sustained-release microsphere carrier particles, originated in the supramolecular biological carrier (SupramolecularBiovccteur) technology, and in 1988 a patent application for registration, which is used to transfer the upper skin and maintain active material is a solid containing the core of the supramolecular structure, solid core formed by the polysaccharide, contains strong cationic group, has a strong hydrophilic, and given the chemical and physical chemical aspects of particle stability, good biocompatibility, with pro-wrapped the ability of water-based surfactant. LCD is in a solid, vapor, liquid between the fourth state of tri-state new material, as the temperature changes color to show the effects of LCD technology in the application of cosmetics should be an irreversible trend. LCD technology is a microencapsulation technology and micro-milli-type coating technology combined with instantly absorbed by the body. It can significantly improve the cosmetics of moisture, moisture and other basic properties, the active substances such as vitamins, minoxidil, antioxidants, enzymes and plant extracts in cosmetics liquid crystal compound was added, when the composite material used in the slow release of active ingredients, the skin was fully absorption, thereby enhancing additive effect.
In short, with a variety of cosmetic research and development of micro carriers the deepening of cosmetics to the high-tech, high-end development has played a huge role in promoting the preparation of cosmetics and development has entered a new era. However, these ultra-carriers have their own characteristics, but mainly in the cosmetics and skin as a target organ for a wide range of general population, it is necessary for cosmetic purposes different active substances and select the appropriate delivery systems and carriers, the safety of these technologies and products and stability to be further improved and validated delivery mechanisms need further study. Source:http://www.cosprm.com