Medicinal stone’s beauty function as cosmetics raw material has been recognized. Medicinal stone is mainly produced in Inner Mongolia, China. It is one kind of weathered silicate minerals including nearly 20 kinds of inorganic mineral elements and trace elements. It is mainly composed of silicon and harmless to human body. It is sweet, warm and non-toxic. It is diuretic and hepatoprotective. It is also benefit for stomach and can regulate nerve and heart function. It helps ion exchange, improves blood circulation and anti-aging. For the bath water, it can purify water like spring water and mineral water‘s effect. Medicinal stone dubbed as the cream can treat freckles, acne and prickly heat, and anti-inflammatory, analgesic, convergence sores, moisturizing, wrinkle elimination and fat, and very few side effects, it is very popular.

Pollen products for skin care and cosmetics have been renowned. It blood, regulate body functions, and enhance resistance to disease, aging, improve skin cell structure and enhance its functionality, emollients, to eliminate the role of age spots and pigmentation. Using the pollen Products should be alert to allergies.

The newly developed black-bone chicken essence is rich in amino acids, gamma globulin, vitamin A, B1, B2, C and E and iron, zinc and calcium. Can regulate the liver, spleen, kidney function, add the necessary nutrients to maintain metabolic balance of the body. Body conditioning and nutritional tonic combining to enhance physical fitness, disease prevention and illnesses, maintenance of skin, prevent premature aging. Especially for women's menstruation nourishing.

There are many herbal cosmetic raw materials with skin care functions. The common herbal medicines are just as the followings: Angelica’s skin care cosmetic effect is from Angelica expansion of the skin blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation. Angelica is rich in trace elements, can nourish skin and prevent rough. It can be used for acne, brown spots, freckles, and hair loss. Usage is angelica 50 grams, add appropriate amount of boiling water, boiling the 1000 ml filter. The container can be used enamel, ceramics and glass; without Fe-Al. Face decoction dipped in paint; rub the scalp after shampooing.

Medlar can be nourishing blood, anti-aging, so skin care and cosmetics. Yam, lotus, lily, red dates can spleen stomach, stopped the leaks to soothe the nerves, so as to maintain the skin moist and fitness. The pagodatree pod and black bean has the functions of kidney eyesight, hair and beard black. 5 can be took after meals.

Foxglove is known as the fuel of life. Skin care beauty prescriptions are: rice wine, it can cure disease and sickness, UFA and is good for the teeth, the face of the service gloss, walnuts, minoxidil, parsley, flax, cultivated land, a large maple seed kernels and almonds, etc are skin soothing effect. Some can also be nourishing. Large maple seed kernels, almonds, walnuts and other insecticide. Lard, suet, chicken fat, sesame oil, peanut oil, yellow wax and honey can moisturize skin care.

The equisetum grass, coltsfoot leaf, burdock root, calendula, polygene and birch leaves can protect the scalp with good effect on dandruff. 1 tablespoon grated wild equisetum and 1 tablespoon of marigold, plus 2 cups of water to boil can make a mixture, if put it on scalp, it has the function of dandruff. Putting grated burdock root on the vegetable oil and soaked in 2 weeks, it can be used for scalp in two times a week. It can treat the dry hair.Source: