Held in Shanghai, "2011 China International fine chemicals and custom chemicals Exhibition", according to a number of organic fluorine from silicon exhibition of new materials and chemical intermediates manufacturer's investigation, was watching the situation in the demand for exports and sluggish domestic demand pattern, the fine chemical industry has slowed down the pace of rapid growth in the first half of the fourth quarter, growth in most enterprises are facing difficulties. For private enterprises, the exhibition is the most direct channel for customers to discuss, so many companies out of the general manager and sales person in charge of personnel and other heavyweight exhibition. However, the development of fine chemicals and previous hot start, this year's show seems to have deserted. Allow the majority of exhibitors is not only a headache down the order, as well as loan recovery difficulties. Many companies close down nearly a third of the downstream customers, now is a bad product or selling, or is sold, Copper Chromite(CC) but worried about the money not come back. Right now the company's funds not only take part in production and inventory, accounts receivable are also increasing the number, the closer the year end of the quarter, the phenomenon of customers owed more serious.
Turning to the sale of the company now has a sales charge directly with the "depression" word to describe. "We supply intermediates downstream of the basic needs of the pharmaceutical industry is still, but the supply of chemical and pesticide industry orders fell a lot, the most obvious is to ask less of our business phones." The sales official said, the first three quarters of the company business income is straight up, especially in April, May, pesticides and fertilizers because it is stocking the industry's fall production season, 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid but also chemical intermediates sales peak.
Although the property is a counter-cyclical industry, but in the External and internal macroeconomic environment, the pharmaceutical industry is really feeling the middle of the fourth quarter of the biting cold. Another company from the old API intermediates production base in Tianjin, the company official said, the international economic situation impact on the company's export business first emerged in the third quarter, from the end of October, early November became apparent. She also believes that a wide range of pharmaceutical intermediates, including amino acids, and other traditional anti-inflammatory class of common intermediates of the sales decline is most evident. Pharmaceutical intermediates from the breakdown of the types of view, antibiotics and other "fair average" four quarters of the least optimistic, but the tumor anti-cancer drugs and other high-end custom and generic intermediate situation is slightly better sales.
In addition to chemical intermediates manufacturers, Lead Citrate the organic fluorine silicon new materials development company is also an important fine chemical exhibitors. Statistics show that China's domestic total of 16 manufacturers of organic silicon monomer, total capacity 1.7 million tons, although the industry oversupply, but the industry is increasing the number of firms. According to the survey, the fourth quarter of the textile, automotive and new energy photovoltaic silicone materials for downstream enterprises generally face the dilemma demand uncertainty, and the food industry and specialty silicone orders for the downstream production enterprises the situation is relatively good.
In addition to requirements in the differentiation, fine chemicals suppliers the Chinese silicone industry as a whole also faces competition from foreign giants. Although the state to accelerate the development and strategic development of new industries, but most of China's domestic enterprises have not formed an organic silicon production scale, only two foreign giants Dow Corning and Wacker accounted for one-fifth of the domestic market share, and sustained release capacity, its low-cost marketing strategies also allow domestic enterprises are facing silicone overall unfavorable competition. Source:http://www.mhcfm.com