Although the quality of big brand bags is very nice, but the expensive price has let many people could see only can't buy, so many people choose the more cheaper bags instead, that bags are not like LV, PRADA these big brands famous, but in the quality and the style is much better than a few simply bags, but how to determine the quality of bags? Today I will tell you from 3 tips to check the quality of the bags.
First of all we must check the material of the bag, this is the most important part of choose the bag. The material of make the bag has a lots now, such as cloth, PU, made of genuine leather, etc. The material of cloth is very easy to judge, through the feel is can feel it out quality difference, and cortex is mainly leather and PU skin two kinds. Most of all of the bag is PU leather fabrics, is in a very thin layer has been on a layer of leather hood PU, so feel is good, luster, recycle PET reusable bag and tags still indicate use cowhide or sheep. Actually this kind of fabric good, feel with leather similar, but also not as leather that is more expensive, not easy dirty, and durable.
The second is  judge from the work. The fabrics of bag relative to the other sewing materials to thick, rpet bag also hard many, and sewing out also have a certain shape and stereo feeling, so the bag for sewing is very high. See the bag sewing is fine, we generally from detail laid a hand on him, such as overlock yan pick outside have redundant, especially bag inside, portable take of sewing have distorted, and this working procedure is need skills and physical strength, the simplest method is to pull a zipper whether smooth, if not smooth, package bodies that a little twisted, recycle PET bag if head down to pull in cloth, the work would be a little worse! In addition to see the bag to open, cloth fabric should be attached in the above, the internal space of the be clear at a glance, and with a bag body corresponding size, if not for that, it shows that the bag work is not very good oh.
The third is hardware accessories. Each bags necessary have some hardware fittings, the most common is the zipper! Good bags of hardware fittings are very bright, bad hardware will look only rough electroplating, non woven bag china no cast a light, the surface is not smooth, and the color is also not pure. Some other ornaments, for example set auger "not strong, color is falsely, believe that there are some identify this JMS. Good hardware accessories and some metal trademark is fine steel after plating polishing treatment, so it is not easy to rust or oxidation.