The main treating methods for hair loss are hair loss products, cultivation of hair follicle cells, surgical transplant surgery, physical therapy and weaving hair replacement. The follicle cells cultivation use the cell biotechnology and molecular biology techniques. It has a broad application prospects, but there is no clinical breakthrough. Surgical autologous hair transplantation needs the high cost. Its effect is significant different with the germinal growth speed. It also has the non-rehabilitation injury and other defects. While physical therapy is to alleviate the hair loss and its effect is not obvious. Woven hair replacement is purely in cosmetic covering up areas. Therefore, most people choose to buy minoxidil which is economical and easy to operate in hair loss treatment.

Minoxidil is the world's only one pair of hair loss have significant effect of topical chemical drugs. The suppliers claim that minoxidil composition in itself does not affect the health, topical no obvious toxic side effects. This drug is taken orally is used to lower blood pressure. If the external high doses, the drug will be absorbed through the skin to penetrate into the body, may cause headaches, low blood pressure. If you accidentally drip onto his face, may cause the drop at the excess hairs growth. Minoxidil in the hospital tend to concentrations above 2% will be effective. It will be useless if the adding volume doesn’t reach 2%.

Now the streets of germinal bodies, both Chinese medicines germinal do signs Showmanship. In fact, many products contain minoxidil, because they do not master the technology of Chinese medicine treatment of hair loss, often by western medicine to achieve the desired effect. In fact, Chinese medicine treatment of hair loss need to keep in tune, governance means, it is not just simple in some germinal fluid.

The cosmetic raw material suppliers declare that hair growth and hair restorer products belong to special purposes and cosmetics in China. They must go through the special approval of health supervision. But regulators only for its safety assessment of security you can pass, can achieve the germinal role in hair restorer, the role of propaganda is not assess what kind of ways to achieve. Chinese medicine is relatively safe; some companies tend to use traditional Chinese medicine formula to regulatory reporting, to pick up the special cosmetics approvals. But to the pursuit of efficacy, it is entered, add some chemical drugs into not only the flicker of consumers, but returned to the health of consumers pose a threat, many users have found that using minoxidil after there will be headaches, dizziness and other symptoms.

The metabolism of hair is divided into stationary, growth and regression periods. The normal hair loss is a natural expression of hair metabolism. Daily hair loss is normal. There are more reasons for hair loss in summer. It may due to the inadequate rest and sleep. And hot weather, work stress and other unhealthy habits such as too spicy diet may also cause the hair loss. In addition, the incorrect hair washing and hair combing are the reasons for hair loss in summer. Of course, in normal circumstances, people can make less hair shedding. While using minoxidil in treating hair loss, people should develop good habits in daily life.Source: