Astaxanthin is saturated and the extensible exists in nature, like most crustaceans, salmon vivo, the leaves of plants, flowers and fruits and flamingos feather. Currently, the most important natural astaxanthin and its content is very rich algae in fresh water, rain pluvialis and phaffia rhodozyma is untreated coconut milk can promote yeast produces significant amounts of astaxanthin Fife. Astaxanthin extraction solvent, batch fermentation, CO2 supercritical extraction. May also be used to identify the separation of C18 astaxanthin high performance liquid chromatography.

Astaxanthin could only be prevented by cooling the oxygen-shirt, directly to the capturing free radicals of oxygen, but also the fatty acid chain reaction. Given the nature of which contain functional groups, hydrogen peroxide and 3 - to promote butyl hydrogen peroxide or ascorbic acid, lipid oxidation, and can significantly reduce the damage of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin as an antioxidant than other carotenoids has an obvious advantage. Astaxanthin proven antioxidant capacity of beta-carotene, and not oxidized under conditions of oxygen pressure optimism. Carotenoids in the memory high oxygen content - which can be a security context, an antioxidant, astaxanthin and oxo.

Skeletal muscle and heart, after training, experience and the increased use of astaxanthin of astaxanthin kinase activity in plasma and to reduce the leg muscles, cardiac muscles, and myeloperoxidase activity biotin may also reduce the role of infiltrating neutrophils, which may damage the foot osmosis, causing the heart muscle, as well. Astaxanthin is the mechanisms described above, to mitigate the damage in skeletal muscle and cardiac stress. In addition, astaxanthin can also adjust the base station to user fatigue visual video, and power, adaptive optical after taking astaxanthin significantly improved fatigue was alleviated.

Astaxanthin can stimulate the immune system to prevent tumor cell antigenicity. In addition, as well as to inhibit the growth of breast cancer, and it also has a positive role, a strong dose-dependent. It may also be carcinogenic aflatoxin astaxanthin effective control of the size and number of liver cancer.

Prevent the transfer of astaxanthin caused by fibroid methylcholanthrene). If the system processes, cell growth, and stimulation of the immune response may inhibit the binding of the methods, the antigen in combination with inhibition of astaxanthin. Oxidative stress is another factor that can cause malignant tumors to increased oxidative stress and lipid peroxides in tissues of liver. After implantation of cancer cells to oxidative stress in the liver, and as soon as the cancer cells are caused by metastasis, the mouth of astaxanthin and glutathione for 14 consecutive days, at a rate of oxidative stress caused by a malignant tumor. Show that astaxanthin preventing oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation, which is generated in order to improve anti-tumor immune response.

Excessive reactive oxygen species producing by the body is the root causes of many diseases. The special structures of astaxanthin make them has a strong antioxidant activity. And antioxidant mechanisms are varied. Astaxanthin also plays a role in the anti-high blood pressure, controlling inflammation, anti-cancer tumor suppressor and enhancing immunity. At present, the introduction of health care products, astaxanthin, astaxanthin of Foreign Affairs (0165) preparations, a small amount of astaxanthin and other carotenoids complex preparation and other health care products on the market, and developed a combination of anti-infectives by mouth. Diester of astaxanthin in combination with aspirin is more effective. In short, is astaxanthin, such as drug prevention and treatment of both human and great potential for development. Source: