In the treatment of acne, tretinoin ointment is a most commonly used drugs. Because of the moment eager for curing acne, some of the patients will coat retinoic acid ointment on faces both in the morning and evening. And some even use it three times a day with the results of skin redness, pain and other adverse reactions.

The main component of the tretinoin ointment is the all-trans retinoic acid. In addition to cure acne, can also be used for the treatment of psoriasis, ichthyosis, lichen planus, palm toe keratinizing disorders such diseases. By dissolving keratin, the drug induced epidermal hyperplasia, can inhibit the formation of acne. However, retinoic acid stimulation to the skin, and will be aggravated with increasing drug concentration, and so should be used to note the following:

Treatment of facial acne, the concentration is less than 0.05% retinoic acid ointment should be selected; and treatment of other skin conditions such as psoriasis, facial warts, keratoses, the concentration can be a little more, such as 0.1% -0.3%. Initial use, there will be some minor irritation is normal, the skin is mostly well tolerated, and over time can gradually disappear. If irritation persists or worsen, under the guidance of a doctor to change the qod medication or temporarily disabled;

The sunlight will increase the stimulation of retinoic acid on the skin, animal experiments suggest that retinoic acid may enhance the carcinogenicity of ultraviolet this product is the best in the evening and sleep during the day and try not to use. If you must use glutathione and it during the day, you should avoid the sun, or the face is easy to produce erythema, burning sensation and pigmentation. Do not be shared with soap and other cleaning agents, otherwise it will aggravate skin irritation or drying. Do not smear on the skin is thinner parts, such as around the eyes.

To be effective in preventing the occurrence of acne, in addition to drugs, should pay attention to the daily life of conditioning, eat less animal fat, high sugar, spicy, fried foods, avoid white wine, coffee and other stimulating drinks, eat more vegetables, fruit and light food and drinking water; regular cleaning of the skin, wash affected area with warm water or sulfur soap, but not too irritating soap or soap, do not use oily cosmetics.

In addition, the recurrence or aggravate of acne often associates with mood swings. The patients should maintain ease of mind and eliminate stress, anxiety and worry. Meanwhile they should ensure the adequate rest and sleep, and do more exercise to promote the body's waste excreted in a timely manner. So that in the constantly skin sweating, it will keep the pores open. The following step is doing timely cleaning.