Currently, production technical level and product detection technologies of Chinese plant extracts industry have been able to adapt to requirements of international extracts market. And large plants extracts factories have the ability to extract production and product quality control basing on the relevant standards or enterprise standards of developed countries. There are several hundreds of extract items. The representative extracts species whose raw materials are Chinese herbal medicines are ginkgo biloba extract, green tea extract, ginseng extract, licorice extract, ephedra extract, soybean extract, acanthopanax extracts and ganoderma lucidum extract. They are pharmaceutical raw materials of traditional Chinese medicines which have broad and long-term applications.

Herbal varieties of traditional Chinese medicine herbs as raw materials in China, the varieties have good resources, such as Hypericum perforatum extract, red clover extract, Tribulus extract, grape seed extract and so on. The introduction of species such as Echinacea purpurea extract, the original plant from North America to China. It has large-scale cultivations in Hunan, Shanghai, Anhui, Beijing of China..

Imported processed directly from the imported raw materials, the use of the extract industry technology and equipment to carry out the processing trade of the species, such as imports from South Africa, Ghana, sub can be used for the extraction of 5 - hydroxy tryptophan; yohimbine bark imported from Africa or the Americas can be used to extract yohimbine; imported from North America, Saw Palmetto, or for the processing of Saw Palmetto extract; cranberries imported from Europe used to extract anthocyanins.

Generalized derived from plant varieties, such as natural vitamin E, conjugated linoleic acid, octacosanol category, solanesol, and saponin. Extract manufacturers use technical means to a higher production plant of fine chemicals, such as carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction equipment to produce lycopene, as well as the use of molecular distillation technology to produce natural vitamin E products, and also has considerable international competitiveness. There is a small amount of products derived from animals, it is often classified as an extract in the industry, such as chondroitin sulfate extracted from cartilage and D-glucosamine extracted from crustaceans.

Varieties of chaises plant extract are abundant. There are not only plant extracts reflecting valuable wealth of traditional Chinese medicines, but also the other plants extracts processed by rich plant resources or extraction technical capacity. There are success varieties obtained by the introduction and cultivation of plant extract manufacturer, as well as important species which are processed from raw materials of international markets. They are useful supplements for Chinese herbal medicines and plant extracts industry. They promote the exchanges between the Chinese medicine industry and the international herbal industries. In addition, the rich varieties also reflect the more positive way of Chinese plant extracts to participate in the cooperation in international markets. China gradually gets rid of the competing way by cheap labors and resources.Source: