Vietnam, as a traditional agricultural country, Vietnam's chemical industrial base is weak, needs to import large quantities of each chemical raw materials, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, dyes, paints, etc., for Chinese enterprises, this is a rare opportunity. Vietnam is the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia in recent years, one of the countries in 2004, the pace of development in Asia after China.
According to the chemical industry in Vietnam to 2010 development plan and the experts predict, the current market for Vietnam's fertilizer and chemical plant protection products have a high demand for drugs. In addition to domestic production of fertilizer, the annual Vietnam also imports 70% of urea, 100% of several hundred thousand tons of DAP and NPK fertilizer. Plant protection drugs in Vietnam at present about the international market, the market share of 0.5% of total annual sales of plant protection drugs increase by 5 million tons annual.
Overall, the Vietnamese market, there are three main chemical characteristics: First, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other products, the import demand; second, faster growth in demand, market potential; third, Copper Chromite(CC) middle and low popularity of agricultural products. Because Vietnam is relatively poor and relatively backward economic conditions, foreign exchange shortages, and therefore more welcome to the middle and low practical agricultural products.
Fertilizer production in Vietnam in recent years, a number of projects will be put into operation to meet all the demand for urea, DAP and 50% of all demand for phosphate fertilizer processing. In the field of plant protection drug production, Vietnam will increase the use of effective prevention and control, selectivity, production and use of simple, easy to break down, low toxicity products. At the same time, Vietnam will gradually adjust the product organization and reduce the proportion of pesticides, Octylferrocene increased weed products, in addition to mold and hormones, as well as household products and health quarantine class.
According to the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development predicted that Vietnam's pesticide imports about 1.5 billion per year; fertilizer demand in Vietnam in 2008 will reach 800 million tons, while its annual output of only 4.3 million tons of domestic and import demand. In order to ensure supply, Vietnam develop policies to encourage imports of fertilizer. Pesticide of pesticide products in Vietnam market share about 34%, fertilizer products accounted for 45% share of the future there is a large market space.
In chemical raw materials, imports of Vietnamese market also maintained rapid growth, fine chemicals suppliers lagging behind the level of organic synthesis, chemical raw materials and products can not meet domestic demand for industrial development. Vietnamese government in the next five years to increase investment in the chemical industry, Vietnam Chemical Corporation, Vietnam, plant protection and other relevant departments hope to head with China to strengthen cooperation, joint investment cooperation and development. Source: