Now women are beginning to use cosmetics products. The cosmetics they use are changing. The cosmetics have many side effects. Many chemicals components in skin care products accidentally put the beauty into a disfigured. Astaxanthin is derived from raw material of natural marines. So its side effects in human body are small. And it is easy to be accepted by the body.

The astaxanthin supplement can effectively suppress the production of melanin up to 40%, and can significantly reduce the precipitation of melanin, away from the bleak colorless spots on the skin. Astaxanthin will make the color more white, beautiful, flawless and shiny. The effect is far better than other whitening ingredients such as arbutin, kojic acid and vitamin C. So far have not found any kind of substance in the same concentration have such a good effect to prevent pigmentation, also known as the whitening of the best raw materials, to be applied in the high-end the first line of cosmetics.

Ultraviolet UVB is the main role in the epidermis, leading to sunburn or the deposition of melanin, the formation of spots or skin darkening main reason. Followed by the skin cells caused by the aging of melanin deposition. When sufficient energy from the ultraviolet rays reach the skin, you can skin cells to produce reactive oxygen species or ROS, reactive oxygen species include: singlet oxygen, superoxide, hydroxyl, they have strong from neighboring molecules have the ability of the electronics, such as electronics, from the DNA, phospholipids, enzymes or proteins so as to achieve stability.

Fortunately, astaxanthin can quenching singlet oxygen, inhibition of lipid peroxidation and its capabilities far beyond the well-known antioxidants. The scientific study from cosmetic raw material suppliers confirmed that when the skin astaxanthin concentration is more that 10umol, it will significantly inhibit the production of melanin. After four weeks, it may significantly dilute 40% of the spots. Oral absorption is more effective. Astaxanthin’s skin care and health functions are almost from its super antioxidant power.

Human aging and most diseases are associated with free radicals. Free radicals have a high oxidation activity. Its attack on human cells is irreversible. Once it is combined with proteins, DNA and membrane lipids, it will result in devastating consequences. It leads to cell structure defect, malfunction and rapidly aging. Then the problems on skin and body organs are therefore coming. Astaxanthin can be efficiently block oxidative damage to human cells from the free radical. It maintains a strong and healthy vitality of every cell. Its skin care effect is significant.