According to reports, industry insiders believe that with the economic development and technological progress, the current fine chemical has entered the mature stage, the next 10 years the world will continue the rapid development of fine chemicals, development is not just a technology leap, but to technical strength, marketing skills and partnership with the user a perfect combination.
Chemical synthesis of fine chemicals began in 1856, the world's approximately 10 million kinds of synthetic compounds over. Specialty Chemicals is a fine chemical products after the final products, fine chemicals special technology is the most important symbol, Copper Chromite(CC) value-added specialty chemicals is much higher than the fine chemicals, through a variety of specific technologies, such as : purification, compound formulation and transformation efficiency and technology. Modern fine chemicals is the production of fine chemicals and specialty chemicals industry in general. As the primary processing of petrochemical products with the depth of the continuous extension of the increasing value-added, developed chemical industry development direction is to develop the fine chemical industry, which greatly increase the proportion of fine chemicals and specialty chemicals developed vigorously.
Currently, fine chemicals sales of approximately $ 50 billion annual rate of about 5%. Specialty chemicals market size of 700 billion to $ 100 billion in annual growth rate of 4%, which, pharmaceutical intermediates, Triphenyl Bismuth fine chemicals market in the dominant position of 49%, 20% of agrochemical intermediates. With the rapid growth of the world's population, the increasing aging population and improved living standards in developing countries, the pharmaceutical industry's prospects will be brighter, the world market of pharmaceutical products has more than $ 300 billion annual growth rate of 9%.
Insiders said that the 21st century, fine chemical process of change will be mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, biomass systems and Cl chemical system will become the main source of raw materials in chemical systems; second catalysts, fine chemicals production will occur fundamental change; third is the rapid development of bio-chemical industry will be; Fourth, the use of by-products and waste projects will truly become a vein (Sustainable Development).
They believe that the fine chemical company in the future make technical strength, marketing and customer relations skills perfectly combine in order to better seize the opportunity for greater development. Source: