Currently, there are more than a dozen countries in the production of manganese ore. , South Africa, Australia and Gabon production of high-grade manganese ore, manganese ore grade is generally 44-52%; Brazil, India, Kazakhstan and Mexico the production of medium grade manganese ore, manganese ore grade generally about 35-40%; Ukraine, Ghana and other countries to produce low-grade manganese ore, through dressing, the artificial enrichment only sold as a commodity ore (35%).

The 1970s to the outbreak of the Asian financial crisis, world prices of manganese ore in 1998 from three consecutive years of decline. In 2001, the world's manganese ore prices (FOB) bottoming of 1.94-2.093 dollars / metric ton in 2002-2003 still maintaining the price level. The factors that affect the demand growth of the world economy and manganese, in particular, a substantial increase in imports of Chinese manganese and iron ore prices rose, starting in late January 2004, the international market price of manganese ore jumped $ 2 / metric ton low-cost areas. In February 2004, the international market price of manganese ore hovering in the 2.2-3.8 U.S. dollars / metric ton price level.

In recent years due to manganese silicon and manganese powder ferromanganese market continues to improve, the strong international market demand for manganese ferroalloy, the monthly rise in the domestic manganese silicon transaction price in the Japanese market, the Chinese market of manganese silicon prices due to the surge in exports, production and demand gap widened emergency stocks and hoarding hype, manganese silicon started to surge, leading global manganese demand, tight supply and rising ocean freight, BHP Billiton and the world's six major manganese producers traders have raised the price of manganese ore shipments grade manganese ore prices in international market fully up. Combined international manganese ore suppliers maritime transport, port uninstall reasons, manganese ore fails to reach Chinese ports, resulting in the Chinese market imports of manganese ore to a sudden shortage of price spikes, further stimulating the international market price of manganese ore soared. 2008 World mainstream manganese transaction price hoisting, more than 18 U.S. dollars / metric ton.

World manganese market and manganese market (manganese carbonate, manganese oxide, iron-manganese market and derivative China imported manganese ore market) fusion fully aligned with Chinese manganese ore market and price trends are basically consistent with the international market, but the domestic production manganese ore grade is low, the price level is lower than the foreign manganese.

With the financial crisis involving the increasingly wide range of global financial and capital markets, increased volatility, and a sharp decline in world steel and manganese ferroalloy production, manganese orders suddenly evaporated, the rapid decline in demand, the price quickly plummeted, the world manganese market again into the shrinking demand, the market is depressed, sluggish price adjustment period. View from the cycle of world manganese market evolution, global manganese the market mainstream manganese price will fall below the price level in this cycle starting, then will it be possible to back up.

According to the survey by metal powder supplier, imported manganese ore in China accounted for the proportion of the world's manganese ore trade, from 35% in 2004 to the current 42%, the increase of the world manganese production and trade, mainly manganese consumption and imports increased by the contribution. Chinese manganese ore market has become a barometer of the global manganese market, has become increasingly large role in the world manganese market. In the future, China will continue to lead and influence world manganese consumer and trade, international manganese market and price movements mainly depends on the development of China's manganese ferroalloys and manganese ore consumer demand.

Due to Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan Province, especially the rapid growth of China and India's steel production and manganese ferroalloy production, Manganese continued strength in consumer demand, the world manganese consumer focus has shifted to the Asian region. With the Governments economic stimulus plan put in place, the global economic environment is gradually improving, "BRIC" countries and emerging economies to real estate, machinery, automobile industry, represented by re-entering the rising channel, stimulating demand for steel and manganese ferroalloy growth The world's manganese ore demand may gradually increase, manganese prices will also be rational rose, the global the manganese industry will re-enter the upward cycle.